NBA 2K23 players divided over new stamina nerf: “RUINED?”

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NBA 2K23’s new stamina feature forces players to pass or make a move to the basket faster. Most players support the change, but some believe 2K will backtrack.

Gameplay playtests revealed a drastic change to 2K’s stamina system. Players lose energy faster when trying to chain together moves in NBA 2K23, favoring defensive basketball.

Players had a chance to test the new stamina system during a playtest version of NBA 2K23. NBA 2K Gameplay Director Mike Wang responded to positive playtest feedback.

“So far, all of the feedback from playtests have been that defense is favored over the offense,” Wang said. “So I think we’re in a good spot.”

Based on previous reworkings, some NBA 2K23 fans are worried 2K will revert the stamina nerf once “cheesers” and YouTubers complain.

NBA 2K23 players divided over stamina nerf

A 2K player posted a Reddit thread, gauging the communities thoughts on the new stamina system.

One user responded, “what worries me most is finding a balance instead of reverting the system as they have done in previous years.”

Several players accused the developers of reverting changes after the first week in NBA 2K22 after YouTubers and other ‘cheesers‘ complained about not being able to abuse dribbling.

Opposing the stamina nerf, one player argued, “I understand a stamina nerf, but this is just overkill.”

NBA 2K23 players can’t reach a consensus on the stamina system, but developers are happy with favoring defense in the latest installment.