NBA 2K23 player roasted after bringing entire gaming setup to McDonald’s

nba 2k23 mcdonalds2K/McDonalds

An NBA 2K23 player was brutally roasted after bringing their entire gaming setup to play at a local Mcdonald’s restaurant.

NBA 2K players are known to be a dedicated bunch, pouring their time and energy into the basketball sim each and every year.

In fact, some players are so dedicated that they were willing to unplug their entire gaming setup and bring it on the go so they can continue to grind for that precious VC.

One NBA 2K23 player took things to the next level and brought their Xbox and monitor to a local Mcdonald’s in order to keep playing.

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NBA 2K23 player brings setup to local McDonalds

User CompanyNo5575 posted to the NBA 2K subreddit a picture of them playing 2K inside a McDonald’s restaurant.

In the title of the post, they said: “When your family kicks you out but 2k is life.”

In the picture, you can see a half-eaten burger, an Xbox controller, an Xbox Series S, and a monitor plugged into the wall. In 2K23 you can see their 96 overall MyPlayer, a point guard with a Playmaking Shot Creator build.

In the comment section, 2K players had a field day roasting the 2K player.

One user said, “[m]ans is playing the wrong MyCareer.”

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Another roasted them brutally, “[m]y man spent his rent money on McDonald’s and VC.”

CompanyNo5575 didn’t clarify exactly what happened beyond being “kicked out” that lead them to have to play 2K23 at a McDonald’s. Another reddit user shared a positive message, “I know everyone is hating on you but I wish you well. I know how hard times can get. I have been through some rough sh*t, try and repair any connections with family and try and get yourself some help so you can be independent.”

Hopefully, they can straighten out their living situation so they can get back to playing 2K in their own home.

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