Is NBA 2K22 Cross-Platform?

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With Season 6 of NBA 2K22 beginning April 8, 2022, we wanted to examine the game’s cross-platform capabilities and discuss everything we know about whether or not the game has crossplay. 

Zero Gravity will be the name of NBA2K22‘s long-awaited Season 6, and fans will be bestowed with a plethora of new features, additions to the soundtrack, and rewards. 

As MyTEAM will be getting a couple of new bonuses, players will be looking to show off their grind rewards by playing with their friends online. 

Unfortunately, though, you may be limited to who you show in your pursuit of showing off your sick Bunny costume and newly acquired BMX. 

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Lebron and PG13 in NBA 2K222K Games
Player won’t be able to play cross platforms in NBA 2K22.

Here’s everything we know about NBA 2K22 cross platform play. 

Continuing the 2K’s past trend, the NBA 2K22 is not cross platform. The facts come as a disappointment to many in the community that were hoping this 2K22 would be the installment that brings the modern feature to the basketball simulator. 

So, without cross platform play, players will be able to play with each other – just not on the level, you’d expect from other game franchises. In NBA 2K22, you will be able to play with your friends but only with the same consoles.

So, for example, if you are a Playstation 4 owner and your friend has an Xbox One, you would not be allowed to play them. However, if you both have an Xbox One, you would be allowed to send the invite to your homie. 

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On the bright side, there is a way for players to show off their skills and swag to their friends technically.

Through NBA 2K22’s cross-progression feature MyTEAM, fans of the basketball game will be able to save and transfer their rewards, created players, and teams across the litany of consoles.

While this feature doesn’t work for PC now, owners of both Xbox and Playstation will be able to take advantage of this.

So, there you have it, everything you need to know about NBA 2K22.