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Best jump shots to use in NBA 2K22

Published: 12/Sep/2021 17:29

by Nick Farrell


There’s a lot of customization options within NBA 2K22 that’ll allow you to test and choose which animations are going to be best for you. But, there are some jump shots within the game simply better than others. 

NBA 2K22 is here, and 2K Games are once again taking a unique route with some of the new additions within the game. This has come in the form of more Colleges for players to choose from, along with new activities to partake in within The City.

But, before you can dive into all of these, you’re going to want to customize your created player. Picking and choosing the right archetypes is going to be key, but the animations you use are also going to be just as vital.


Your jump shot is one of the most essential aspects you’re going to want to fine-tune, and we’re going to run over the best ones you should use within NBA 2K22!

mycareer nba 2k22
2K Games
MyCareer once again is one of the best story-driven modes within sporting games.

How jump shots work in NBA 2K22

Before you jump into your College experience within MyCareer, you’re going to want to head over to your player’s animations and tinker with some of the jump shots available to you, or obtainable within the in-game store.

2K has added an ample amount of choices for players to pick and choose from, but like any game, there’s going to be some simply better than others. It’s going to depend on the playstyle you want to take, however, the general rule is the faster the jump shot, the better it’ll be for your player.


With all this said, we’re going to run over some of the best ones you should try within NBA 2K22, and for the most part, these have remained unchanged over the last couple of years.

nba 2k steph curry
2K Games
Curry has always had one of the best jump shots within NBA 2K, simply due to its ultra-fast release.

Best jump shots to use in My Career

Here are some of the recommended choices for jump shots within NBA 2K22.

  • Steph Curry
  • Paul George
  • Kyrie Irving
  • Ray Allen
  • Jump shot 98
  • Jump shot 38

If you don’t fancy one of these jump shots, then you can experiment with other ones available within the game, or create your own jump shot via the creator!