Best jump shots to use in NBA 2K22

nba 2k22 best jump shots to use2K Games

Looking for the best jump shots in NBA 2K22 to dominate on the court? Here’s who’s most likely to score a slam dunk.

There’s lots of options within NBA 2K22 that’ll allow you to customize your players, letting you test and choose which animations are going to be most suited to your style of play. However, some jump shots in the game are objectively better than others.

Picking and choosing the right moves and animations you’re going to use on the court is vital to victory, and, as ever in NBA 2K22, this includes the mighty jump shot. This move is one of the most essential animations in the game, and you’re going to want to fine-tune it, to make sure your shots hit their mark.

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NBA 2K22 mycareer2K Games
MyCareer is one of the best story-driven modes within sports games.

How jump shots work in NBA 2K22

Before you jump into MyCareer mode in NBA 2K22, you’re going to want to head over to your player’s animations and tinker with some of the jump shots available to you. Don’t forget, more are obtainable within the in-game store.

Jump shots are exactly what they sound like, they are animations you can assign to your players that you can trigger when they are within reach of the hoop. Some work well on certain players, and can increase your chances of scoring when you go for the dunk.

2K has has done a good job in adding lots of different jump shots for NBA fans to assign to their players, but some are better than others. While the best jump shot can depend on your playstyle, there are some that stand well above the rest.

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2K Games
Steph Curry has always had one of the best jump shots within NBA 2K.

Best jump shots to use in MyCareer

Jump shots also tend to be allocated to already existing players in NBA 2K22, but you can assign their animations to your own avatar in MyCareer mode.

So, here are the best jump shots to use in NBA 2K22:

  • Steph Curry
  • Paul George
  • Kyrie Irving
  • Ray Allen
  • Jump shot 98
  • Jump shot 38

If you don’t fancy one of these jump shots, then you can experiment with other ones available within the game, or create your own jump shot via the creator.

Remember though, this is a risky strategy as the above jump shots are considered the best.

So there you have it, the best jump shots in NBA 2K22.

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