How to install EuroBasket mode in NBA 2K22

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Europe’s best basketball players gather in one place every four years, pursuing a EuroBasket Championship, and an NBA 2K22 player has created a way to play through the prestigious tournament in-game.

The EuroBasket Championship features 24 countries brimming with top NBA talent. Giannis Antetokounmpo, Luka Doncic, Nikola Jokić, Rudy Gobert are all representing their countries. The tournament runs from September 1-18.

Due to Covid, this is the first EuroBasket tournament since 2017. Serbia made a finals run without its superstar Nikola Jokić before eventually falling to a young Luka Doncic and Slovenia in the 2017 Championship.

We could finally see the two stars collide in 2022 unless Antetokounmpo or another surprise contender has something to say about it.

The 2022 NBA regular season doesn’t start until October 18, allowing EuroBasket to fill a much-needed void for basketball fans. A few quick and easy steps allow 2K22 players to join in on the EuroBasket action.

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Giannis Antetokounmpo represents the Greece national team.

How to get EuroBasket mode in NBA 2K22

Basketball YouTuber Allen #7 gave a quick walkthrough on how to install EuroBasket mode in NBA 2K22.

First from the main menu, select My NBA and then 2K Share Scenarios. From there, search by content and type in EUROBASKET.

EUROBASKET 2022 by Allen will appear, and once you click on it, all of the content downloads. The YouTuber reviewed all the rosters and added every player for all 24 teams.

You can choose from one to all 24 for how many teams you want to control. Allen #7 said, “I hope you guys enjoy EuroBasket and the mode itself.”

Give the game mode a try for yourself, taking control of Antetokounmpo’s Greece, Doncic’s Slovenia, or any other exciting nation.

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