MLB The Show 23: How to earn Stubs fast

Ryan Lemay
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You’ll need to have a lot of Stubs on hand to play Diamond Dynasty in MLB The Show 23, so here’s how you can earn stubs fast in the latest entry in the beloved baseball franchise.

Every year, it’s a mad race to build the best possible team in Diamond Dynasty and players will need to have plenty of stubs to spend on the most valuable cards in the beloved mode. While you can pay real-world money to get the in-game currency in MLB The Show 23, there are also a variety of ways to earn it without parting with your cash at all.

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So, here’s how you can earn Stubs fast in MLB The Show.

Franciso Lindor in MLB The Show 23San Diego Studio
Earning Stubs in MLB The Show 23 is easier than you think.


Win Mini Seasons Championship

MLB The Show 22 introduced a new single-player mode in Diamond Dynasty, Mini Seasons. Players go through an entire 28-game season against CPU teams in three-inning contests. Winning the championship awards 10,000 Stubs.

Although you are playing against the CPU, opponent teams use actual rosters from other Diamond Dynasty players, so you need to be ready to face stacked lineups. MLB The Show 23 adds a new element with theme seasons, forcing players to build unique teams, like a lineup full of lefties.

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Flip cards on the market

Flipping cards on MLB The Show 23’s community market requires patience and a keen eye for card value, but it is one of, if not the best way, to earn Stubs.

There are websites like ShowZone which monitor the best cards day-to-day to flip and make quick Stubs from. Here is a step-by-step process of flipping cards.

  1. Open up the Marketplace
  2. Select Filter and search for the player
  3. Select Buy/Sell Options, then click Buy
  4. Pick Create Buy Order and set the price to exactly 1 less than the current lowest listing

You won’t need to wait too long once you place a Buy Order, as cards constantly fly off the market towards the beginning of a game’s life cycle.

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Play Showdown

Showdowns provide a great way to earn stubs quickly. Players draft a team and complete challenges until they eventually face off against a superstar in the final challenge. Some Showdowns come with a small entry fee, so there is a little bit of a risk involved, but 300 per Stubs per challenge more than justifies an entry.

Complete Programs

Completing Programs not only earns event XP, which earns new players, but it’s also an easy way to rack up Stubs. For most Programs, reaching new levels comes with Stubs bonuses. The best part is, you can earn XP outside of Diamond Dynasty in other modes such as Road to The Show and Franchise.

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Collect and exchange cards

As you complete Programs, finish challenges, and build up an extensive card collection, there are plenty of ways to earn Stubs with the cards you have. By going into the Collect tab in Diamond Dynasty, you can collect players, equipment items, uniforms, and more to earn Stubs.

Once you submit cards, you can no longer sell them but the rewards are worth it. The Show also has a feature that allows you to exchange players for silver or gold ones, though we don’t recommend doing Exchanges. The reward rarely equates to what you give up in return.

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You can always purchase Stubs with real money, but these are all the best ways to earn Stubs without needing to spend a dime.

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