MLB The Show 23 players frustrated by Diamond Dynasty changes and poor content

Chris Studley
Franciso Lindor in MLB The Show 23San Diego Studio

The addition of Sets and Seasons have made MLB The Show 23 players wonder whether Diamond Dynasty is moving to a pay-to-win system.

In the leadup to the release of MLB The Show 23, developer San Diego Studio stated that it decided to introduce more high-rated overall cards in Diamond Dynasty to reduce the amount of grinding players needed to do in past games.

However, it doesn’t appear that this change has sat well with many players three months into the game.

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On social media, players and content creators have chimed in on the new Diamond Dynasty system that’s looked more and more like a pay-to-win system.

MLB The Show 23 players frustrated over Diamond Dynasty

MLB The Show 23 brought wholesale changes to Diamond Dynasty. San Diego Studio added ranked co-op to online play, Captains to boost certain “theme” teams, and Sets that would rotate the cards eligible in each season of the game. Additionally, the developers decided to drastically increase the amount of 95+ OVR cards made available in the early stages of the game.

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However, much of those changes have not sat well with MLB The Show players. On Reddit, one user summarized issues via a viral post on the MLB The Show subreddit with the current system. Among them include the removal of Inning programs that rotated every four weeks and the limitations to earn specialty packs, like Choice packs that feature high-end 99 OVR items, in programs.

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Several commenters have found no motivation to constantly grind in order to keep up with the constant drip of content to complete Set collections and programs — which yield rewards that are time-limited — while other also found issue with the game’s lack of depth outside of Diamond Dynasty.

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Another point of contention has become how many elite cards have been locked behind Chase packs, which can only be obtained by either buy a specialty bundle, a 50 MLB The Show Pack bundle for 75,000 Stubs — $50.00 in US currency, provided one pays $100 for 150,000 Stubs — or pulling one randomly in a MLB The Show 23 pack.

One user commented that “locking almost all the good cards behind packs is starting to turn me away.” On Twitter, content creators have shared that same sentiment.

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This is different than previous years, where many “meta-relevant” cards were made readily available via Inning/Featured Programs or Team Affinity. But with Team Affinity rewards maxed out at 97 OVR and most high-end 99s now locked through packs, these changes have struck a chord with the community.

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