MLB The Show 23: How to play Ranked co-op mode

Alek Manoah in MLB The Show 23.San Diego Studio

MLB The Show 23 finally introduces Ranked Co-Op, but it may be a little tricky to find. Here’s how to play with friends in Diamond Dynasty.

MLB The Show 22 introduced online co-op, but it didn’t come without pitfalls. Players could organize teams of two or three for single games and Diamond Dynasty matches, but only in a non-competitive mode. As a result, matchmaking dried up, and it became hard to find matches, with little motivation or reward to grind the mode.

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San Diego Studio went back to the drawing board and revamped its co-op experience in MLB The Show 23. When one player leaves a 3v3 match, the lobby no longer disconnects, and squads can finally queue up for Ranked matches.

Without any further ado, let’s jump into how Ranked works in MLB The Show 23.

How does Ranked co-op work in MLB The Show 23?

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Ranked co-op gives players great rewards.

The Ranked 1 Program includes must-have cards such as Prime Eric Gagne, Charisma Lou Gehrig, and Future Stars Gunnar Henderson. Not only can you earn these cards by progressing through solo-ranked, but players can now double up by also earning rewards through co-op ranked.

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Here is how to go into a Ranked co-op match with one or two of your friends.

  • In Diamond Dynasty, scroll over to the Play tab.
  • Select Online modes.
  • Click Ranked, and it will give you a drop-down menu for different squad sizes.

From there, you can choose either co-op or solo. So, there you have it! Once you follow those steps you will be able to play ranked matches with friends. For more MLB The Show 23 guides, check out our page here – and full game review.

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