MLB The Show 23 Diamond Dynasty: Sets & Seasons explained

Ronald Acuna Jr. in MLB The Show 23San Diego Studio

MLB The Show 23 shook up what we know about Diamond Dynasty by introducing Sets and Seasons. Let’s get you up to speed with the new card cycling system.

During the Diamond Dynasty Feature Premiere, a San Diego Studio developer argued, “it feels bad to grind for a high overall player just to have a better card released later.” In years past, Diamond Dynasty used a power-creep system, slowly drip-feeding higher overall cards until finally releasing the best cards at the end of a game’s life cycle.

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MLB The Show 23 capitalizes on user engagement by introducing 99 overall cards on day one. Instead of only rewarding a handful of players who stick around to the game’s dying embers, San Diego Studio made it possible for fans to build their dream teams immediately.

Sets and Seasons make that dream a reality. Here is everything you need to know about MLB The Show 23’s bold re-imagining of Diamond Dynasty.

Trea Turner in MLB The Show 23.San Diego Studio
Sets and Seasons forces players to totally rethink their strategy.

What are Sets and Seasons in Diamond Dynasty

Seasons run from around six to eight weeks, and players can only build squads made up of specific Set items within that time frame. The timing of when a card is released determines what set it belongs to

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For example, any card released during Season 1, belongs to Set 1. Subsequent seasons will restrict which Sets you can use. Here is the system’s roadmap

  • Season 1: Core Set and Set 1
  • Season 2: Core Set, Set 1, and Set 2
  • Season 3: Core Set, Set 2, and Set 3

Starting in Season 3, players can no longer use Set 1 items, but the rule has a few exceptions. Core Set players can be used in any Season. Live Series cards, Live Series Collection Rewards, Negro Leagues players, and other designated items fall under the Core Set and are always in rotation.

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Wild Cards also throw a wrinkle. The Wild Card slot allows you to add one player from any Set to your squad.

Season restrictions apply to Ranked, most Events, and time-limited conquested use in-season cards while non-time-sensitive conquest maps don’t. Play vs. friends, vs. CPU, and causal head-to-head have no Season limits

That’s everything we know so far about Sets and Seasons. Make sure to check out the rest of our MLB The Show 23 coverage.

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