Minecraft Legends: All mounts, abilities & location

Minecraft Legends mountsMojang / Blackbird Interactive

Minecraft Legends is a vast open-world strategy game filled with plenty to see as well as plenty of mounts to explore the world on. So, here are all the mounts in Minecraft Legends as well as their abilities and where to find them.

Mounts are vital in Minecraft Legends, they can help you explore, help you fight, and even save your life. While that’s incredibly useful, it also means that choosing the best mount for you is extremely tough, especially when they all have different abilities.

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So, with that in mind, here are all the Minecraft Legends mounts as well as details about their abilities, and where you can locate these creatures.

All Minecraft Legends Mounts

Minecraft Legends Big Beak MountMojang / Blackbird Interactive
Only a few mounts can be found in Minecraft Legends.

There are currently four mounts in Minecraft Legends, each with its own strengths and each found in its own location. The available mounts are listed below:

  • Horse
  • Regal Tiger
  • Big Beak
  • Brilliant Beetle

Minecraft Legends: All Mount abilities

Regal Tiger mount Minecraft LegendsMojang / Blackbird Interactive
The Regal Tiger is filled with speed but not much stamina.

Each mount has its own ability, making it useful for certain elements of the game. Here are the abilities of every mount in Minecraft Legends so you know when and how to best use your animals.

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Minecraft Legends Horse ability

The horse is your standard mount and is the first one you’ll be able to ride. It doesn’t have any particular skills to help you in battle, but it can be useful for exploration thanks to its indefinite sprint.

Minecraft Legends Big Beak ability

Fall damage sucks, especially if you’re needing to get over the Jagged Peaks or a large Piglin base. If this is your primary concern then Big Beak is the mount for you. It has the ability to glide over long distances, removing all fall damage. The higher you go, the longer you’ll glide.

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Minecraft Legends Brilliant Beetle ability

A few elements of Minecraft Legends can be a little tricky to reach, especially when a bridge doesn’t work and you can’t jump high enough. If you’re struggling with this then the Brilliant Beetle is an ideal mount. It has the ability to climb up walls and cliffs, allowing you to get over the Piglin defenses, or reach a new item.

Minecraft Legends Regal Tiger ability

Lastly is the Regal Tiger, a fantastic upgrade to the horse and ideal for anyone wanting to explore the vast world of Minecraft Legends. At its simplest, the Regal Tiger is the fastest mount in the game and will get you where you need to without hesitation.

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Where to find the mounts in Minecraft Legends

Minecraft Legends horseMojang / Blackbird Interactive
The horse is the first mount you get, but that doesn’t make it bad.

With all the maps being completely different in each playthrough, there is no specific location to find each mount. However, they do reside in certain regions, so search through there and you’ll quickly find a new fluffy, feathery, or many-legged friend.

HorseNo location. You get it at the beginning of the game.
Big BeakJagged Peaks
Brilliant BeetleJungle
Regal TigerSavanna

So there you have it, everything you need to know about Mounts in Minecraft Legends, as well as how you can get your hands on them.

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