Minecraft Legends: Ending explained

Minecraft Legends endingMojang / Blackbird Interactive

Minecraft Legends may have multiple modes to enjoy, but the storyline is still the main event. So what happens at the end of this strategy game? Let’s find out.

Minecraft Legends boasts an open-world strategy adventure laced within its relatively short story but ultimately thrives in its co-op and PvP experience. Such a design means a lot of players will be looking to either speed through the story or focus more on the battling rather than what’s happening.

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So, with that in mind, here’s how Minecraft Legends ends so you can fully understand the story behind some famous Minecraft characters and what the legend truly uncovers. Here’s the Minecraft Legends ending explained.

How does Minecraft Legends end?

Minecraft Legends will complete its story after you defeat the three bosses located within their bases. Shortly after, you’ll see a cutscene of the final boss, otherwise known as the Devourer, who wields a weapon capable of spawning countless Nether portals. Soon after, the Hosts will instruct you to complete one final push, eliminating the Piglins from the overworld forever.

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Head over to the battle well prepared and defeat the Devourer, which will prompt the final few scenes of the game.

The destruction of the Piglins

Minecraft Legends Piglin bossMojang / Blackbird Interactive
Defeat tough bosses to get to the end of the game.

After destroying the Devourer a cutscene will begin, showing the Piglin boss’ weapon flying into the Well of Fate. The combination of such powers causes a rift, bringing the Piglins closer to the portal before exploding, either sending the creatures back into the Nether or to their demise.

After this scene, celebrations are in order with all creatures, mobs, and of course, you celebrating around the Well of Fate with fireworks exploding around you. During these scenes, the Hosts explain that your courage saved the world, while also changing it forever.

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Peace and harmony in the world, almost

They then go on to show Creepers, Villagers, Zombies, and Skeletons alike making friends and showing peace, something many Minecraft players are not used to seeing.

However, some mobs seem unhappy with this, the villagers who ended up wielding axes look frustrated with the developments, likely showing how they came to be the Pillagers many see in the original game.

With such peace surrounding the overworld, the Hosts leave, stating that they are not needed anymore. However, Foresight does remind you that there are endless worlds to explore, leaving you free to try out the story all over again and help free new worlds from the terror of the Piglins.

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With that, the game ends, and the credits roll. All that’s left to do is explore the PvP option, play another story on a harder difficulty, or try it out with friends.

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