How to get gold fast in Minecraft Legends

Minecraft Legends goldMojang / Blackbird Interactive

Gold is one of the more elusive resources in Minecraft Legends, making it tough to unlock certain Mobs and structures. Here’s how to get hold of gold fast in Minecraft Legends.

While you may not use it in your day-to-day Minecraft Legends building and summoning, Gold is extremely useful and will greatly aid your adventure, especially if you want to unlock the Firsts or some powerful protective towers.

However, it’s a highly elusive resource and many players struggle to find all the ores they need. So, with that in mind, here’s how to get gold fast.

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How to get gold in Minecraft Legends

Minecraft Legends goldMojang / Blackbird Interactive
Gold is quite useful as it helps to build several structures.

Gold can only be found in a few locations in Minecraft Legends and you’ll often need to work to obtain it. Here are a few ways to get gold fast in Minecraft Legends.

Destroy Mining Drills

The first, and arguably the best way is to head into a Piglin base and focus on their mining drills. These will typically hold up to ten gold each, which adds up when you go into a larger base.

They should be relatively easy to destroy with the right mobs and is the best way to get gold quickly in Minecraft Legends.

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Loot chests

The alternative way, if you don’t want to destroy any Piglins, is to look for some chests dotted around the world.

Any gold chests will, naturally, hold gold and give you a larger amount than inside the bases. Although you’ll need a Piglin Key to get in, which can be found on bosses, or Piglins roaming the world.

Those are the best ways to get gold in this strategy game. While searching for a base or a golden chest, take a look at some of our other handy Minecraft Legends guides and content:

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