How to get Lapis fast in Minecraft Legends

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Lapis is an important material in Minecraft Legends and obtaining it’s quite easy. However, if you’re wondering how to locate this blue mineral in Minecraft Legends, our guide has everything you need.

Lapis, or rather Lapis Lazuli from traditional Minecraft, is one of the most important minerals you can obtain in Minecraft Legends. They are used to spawn several mobs when you go into the open world of the game and take down the Piglins to save the world.

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Now, there are a few ways you can get hold of Lapis in Minecraft Legends. These methods are quite simple and shouldn’t take you much time to fill up the Lapis count in your inventory.

With that said, here are some of the best ways to get Lapis in Minecraft Legends along with their uses. Alternatively, if you’re looking to find Prismarine and gold in the game, our guides have got your back.

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Lapis is quite easy to get in Minecraft Legends.

Use of Lapis in Minecraft Legends

Lapis in Minecraft Legends is used to spawn creatures like Creepers, Golems, Skeletons, and Zombies. These creatures can come in handy, especially during moments when you need to defeat the Piglin enemies in the game.

Let’s take a look at how you can obtain these blue minerals fast in the game.

How to get Lapis in Minecraft Legends?

There are a couple of ways to get Lapis fast and easy in the game:

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Opening chests

This might just be the simplest way to get your hands on the blue mineral. Chests are scattered all over the map in the villages, near the large towers. You can access chests once you save a particular village from a Piglin attack. Each drop from these chests may give you around 40-50 Lapis.

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Although, you must remember that this method depends on luck. There is a high chance of you ending up with different resources or materials instead of Lapis. The next one is a surefire way of getting these minerals.

Defeating Piglins

The Minecraft Legends map is filled with Piglins and you can find them almost everywhere as you continue exploring. Now, as you go ahead and kill them or the entire horde, they will drop a Lapis or two.

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In this way, you can easily fill up your Lapis inventory space and spawn allies like Golems that can help you to take down the bigger and stronger bosses.

So, there you have it — those are the best ways to get Lapis in this strategy game. For more about the game, take a look at some of our other handy Minecraft Legends guides and content:

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