Here are the 15 best Outlaws in Magic: The Gathering

Jack Bye
MTG Outlaws header Ragavan

Outlaws can provide a huge boost to your Magic: The Gathering decks thanks to Outlaws of Thunder Junction, and we’ve collected the best in the game. 

MTG’s Outlaws of Thunder Junction set has provided new support for some of the game’s most interesting Creature types. Assassins, Rogues, Warlocks, Mercenaries, and Pirates have all been brought together as Outlaws, lending a helping hand to some useful but underrepresented archetypes. 

Now that Thunder Junction has primed Outlaws to be big news for MTG, we’re taking a look at the best Creatures from this new supergroup. Whether powerful Commanders or versatile support cards, these Outlaws are well worth including in a wide variety of decks. 

Best Outlaws in MTG 

1: Dockside Extortionist 

MTG Best Outlaws Dockside

A truly infamous MTG Outlaw that has seen constant play since first being introduced to the game. Dockside is intended as a counter to Enchantment and Artifact-heavy decks, including other Treasure strategies, allowing a player to catch up in mana production without resorting to destructive options like Vandalblast.  

However, given that the card takes every other player into account, and the ubiquity of Artifacts like mana rocks in formats like Commander, Dockside Extortionist will almost always let its player seize a commanding lead. 

For a cost of just 1R, Dockside Extortionist is a trade-off with the balance stacked so heavily in your favor that it’s worth playing at any stage of the game beyond the first couple of turns. For its near-universal appeal and incredible value, Dockside Extortionist cements its place as the best Outlaw in Magic: The Gathering. 

2: Ragavan, Nimble Pilferer 

MTG Best Outlaws Ragavan

Arguably the best one-mana card in the entire game, Ragavan boasts so many advantages that it deserves to be spoken of in the same breath as Sol Ring.  

Dash allows Ragavan to nimbly dodge removal, escaping opposing players’ ire by returning to the hand. Ragavan can exploit this ability to get in some early game chip damage and build up a lead through making Treasure tokens. As a bonus, you’ll be exiling cards for opponents’ decks, and Treasure makes it much more viable to cast them for yourself. 

With no downsides and a host of useful attributes, you’ll never want to skip an opening hand that includes Ragavan. 

3: Dauthi Voidwalker 

MTG Best Outlaws Dauthi

Given the wide variety of graveyard recursion in MTG, having options available for preventing other players from casting from the grave is key. Cards like Bojuka Bog are immensely popular for this reason alone, and Dauthi Voidwalker is a perfect graveyard hate option with a bunch of extra abilities. 

As well as exiling opponents’ cards before they can hit the grave, Dauthi Voidwalker is an unblockable source of damage that can steal opponents’ best plays and put them to work for you instead. 

For a cost of just 2 black mana, Dauthi Voidwalker is the best Rogue Outlaw on this list and is a strong contender for MTG’s best Outlaw as a whole. 

4. Prosper, Tome-Bound 

MTG Best Outlaws Prosper

Prosper can be hard to get ahold of these days, thanks to the Planar Portal pre-con deck going out of print. But while this card may be a rarity, it’s still well worth seeking out for Outlaws decks that include Rakdos colors. 

Thanks to the Most Wanted Commander Deck, Outlaws go hand in hand with Treasure generation, and Prosper is one of the best of the bunch in that area. 

Packing a passive exile effect for impulse draw and reliable mana advantage through Treasure, Prosper is both an all-time great Commander and a value engine when slotted into other decks. 

5. Tinybones, the Pickpocket 

MTG Best Oulaws Tinybones

An absurdly cheap play at just one black mana, Tinybones has the honor of being the best Outlaw card in the Outlaws of Thunder Junction set

Tinybones’ Deathtouch makes this 1/1 much more likely to deal damage to opponents, as sacrificing a Creature to block such a small amount of damage never feels good. This is just what the card is based around, however, as dealing damage lets you steal cards from the damaged player’s graveyard and cast them using mana of any color. 

Black mana has no shortage of good graveyard interaction, so it really speaks to Tinybones, the Pickpocket’s potential that it’s made such a strong impression already. 

6.Gisa, the Hellraiser  

MTG Best Outlaws Gisa

Wilhelt, the Rotcleaver is among the most popular Commanders of all time thanks to the absurd value it brings to the zombie Creature type. This version of Gisa gives Wilhelt a solid run for its money through a slew of zombie buffs. 

With Gisa on the field, your zombies will be more powerful, and the menace ability makes them much more of a headache to block. With Gisa being able to bring out more zombie tokens each turn, other players will soon be staring down a massive, shambling hoard about to overrun their defenses. 

Thanks to her inherent ward ability, Gisa can require a hefty investment by opponents to take off the field. Plus, there’s a high likelihood of zombie players packing some powerful recursion, so even if Gisa does get taken out, it won’t be for long.  

7. Queen Marchesa 

Marchesa MTG

The Monarch is a highly useful status to have in MTG, activating a boatload of additional effects on cards that rely on this ability, as well as restocking your hand by gaining an additional draw at the beginning of the end step. 

Earning the Monarch status can be as easy as playing a single card, but keeping it is another matter entirely. Queen Marchesa makes the process much simpler, generating Assassin tokens that will be a risky proposition to block, allowing you to take back the throne.  

Marchesa is no slouch when it comes to combat either, and her inherent Deathtouch allows her to reclaim the Monarch token herself in a pinch. 

8: Etrata, Deadly Fugitive 

Etrata MTG

A newer Assassin Outlaw debuting in Murders at Karlov Manor, Etrata brings some new design space to Assassin Outlaws. Assassins dealing damage is not lethal to opponents in this instance but lets you bolster your ranks with their cards thanks to the Cloak ability. 

Etrata excels at skimming off the top of opposing players’ decks, dealing direct damage through Deathtouch and being rewarded for it. These card types can struggle when it comes to board presence, but Etrata gets around that problem with ease. 

9: Ramses, Assassin Lord 

Ramses, Assassin Lord MTG

Assassins have a unique identity in MTG, with many featuring interesting alternative win-cons. Nowhere is this more true than with Ramses, an Assassin Creature perfect for multiplayer formats like Commander. 

Ramses rewards playing Assassins with its ability to immediately win the game, as long as an opponent loses after having been dealt damage by one of your Assassins on the same turn. Other players at the table will be wary as soon as Ramses arrives, as a loss for one suddenly becomes a loss for all. 

While Ramses is significantly less useful in one-on-one games, a 4/4 with Deathtouch and a board-wide buff to Assassin Outlaws is nothing to sniff at. 

Despite it being somewhat underrepresented in the current state of MTG, Ramses is set to receive a huge boost once Universes Beyond: Assassin’s Creed releases. With an infusion of powerful new cards into the archetype, Ramses is set to see his usefulness greatly expand. 

10: Vihaan, Goldwaker 

Vihaan, Goldwaker card

Vihaan is a great choice for any combat-focused Outlaws deck, granting Vigilance and Haste to Outlaws, allowing them to be active as soon as they hit the field, playing a part in aggressive Mardu strategies while still being available as blockers. 

Aside from just boosting other Outlaws, Vihaan brings something new to Treasure decks, being able to weaponize your wealth. By converting Treasure tokens into Assassin Creatures, Vihaan ensures that your deck packs a real punch. 

When played in tandem with cards like Pitiless Plunderer, Vihaan lets you throw a swarm of Outlaws at your foes each turn, and any defeated out in combat will be instantly replaced with new Treasure. 

11: Obeka, Splitter of Seconds 

Obeka, Splitter of Seconds card

The standout new Commander from Outlaws of Thunder Junction, Obeka, Splitter of Seconds shatters MTG’s usual turn order, adding additional upkeep steps when dealing damage. 

By multiplying effects that trigger only during upkeep, Obeka can handily amass a whole army of tokens, or even burn opponents to death before they reach their next turn. 

Obeka has the potential to be a favorite in the Commander format for years to come, thanks to the wealth of powerful upkeep cards available. But outside of commanding her own deck, Obeka has little applicability in other strategies. This card is undeniably niche but with a unique and often deadly game plan. 

12. Grim Hireling 

MTG Best Outlaws Hireling

An outlaw Rogue that has gained some real notoriety since first appearing in the Battle for Baldur’s Gate set. Grim hireling is a sweet and simple Treasure generator that encourages combat and hitting as many opponents as possible. 

For each opponent that’s received damage, Grim Hireling will produce two Treasure Tokens. While red mana usually gets all the best Treasure-making toys, Grim Hireling allows black mana to hold its own in this department. 

13. Killian, Ink Duellist 

MTG Best Outlaws Killian

A Warlock Outlaw that can make a great Orzhov Commander, Killian makes targeting spells much cheaper to cast. While this makes removal easier to achieve, taking out opponents’ biggest threats, Killian shines when using Aura Enchantments. 

By lessening the cost of ability buffs and combat tricks, Killian can turn a group of initially low-power Creatures into a board to be feared. Thanks to this card’s inherent Lifelink and Menace, Killian also makes a great target for these buffs, stacking up quickly into a monstrous threat. 

14. Breena, the Demagogue 

MTG Best Outlaws Breena

Outlaw Creatures can make enemies at the table, thanks to a wide range of effects that can quickly draw aggro from other players. Whether building up Treasure reserves or stealing cards from other players’ libraries, a player using Outlaws can quickly find themselves outnumbered. 

Diplomatic cards like Breena can really help to deflect some of that negative attention, making them effective tools for playing a social game. Breena will boost your Creatures while providing opponents with card draw, keeping most players happy until you’re ready to go in for the kill. 

15: Olivia, Opulent Outlaw 

MTG Best Outlaws Olivia

Created as the face Commander for the Most Wanted deck, Olivia is all about amassing Outlaws and boosting the power of your Creatures. Olivia is not a great fit for many other strategies, requiring building heavily around Outlaws to get the best use out of her, but her in-archetype power cannot be denied. 

Oliva incentivizes swinging out at multiple opponents in combat, building up your Treasure supplies as you do. With a deck stacked full of other Outlaws, Olivia can amass the Treasure necessary to pull off her secondary effect multiple times, powering up your Creatures to game-winning levels. 

It’s a good thing that this card gives you so many resources to play with, as Olivia can quickly make enemies at the table. 

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