Twitch streamer stunned after Asmongold accidentally blows him up during Lost Ark stream

Shay Robson
Asmongold with smaller creator

Twitch MMO star Asmongold has helped a smaller creator blow up with success after watching their incredibly useful Lost Ark content.

Asmongold is typically known as an MMO streamer. From playing games like World of Warcraft to New World, the Twitch star returned to his channel with over 2.6M followers following the passing of his mother. 

Returning from his break, Asmongold picked up the highly-anticipated Lost Ark following its early-access release on February 7. Thanks to the immense popularity of the newly released game, the 31-year-old streamer broke viewership records, with his audience climbing above an eye-watering 430,000 viewers.

However, Asmongold decided to share the love – blowing up a smaller creator after watching their extremely useful content on his broadcast.

Asmongold New World interview
Twitch: Asmongold, Amazon Games
Asmongold is one of the biggest Twitch streamers, who continues to break records.

In his February 11th live stream, the popular MMO star pulled up Lost Ark content from other creators on YouTube – where he came across a video from a streamer known as Kanonxo.

With many of Asmongold’s hundreds of thousands of viewers being impressed by Kanon’s video that teaches you how to save gold in Lost Ark, they swarmed his Twitch channel and quickly overwhelmed the smaller creator.

Just from Asmon watching his content, the Kanonxo peaked close to 7,000 viewers and was bombarded with too many subs and followers to even count.

During the early access period, Lost Ark has become the second most-watched video game launch of all time on Twitch with an impressive 23.11 million hours of watch-time.

Naturally, the viewership for the new MMO will slowly decrease over time. Until then, though, creators like Asmongold and Kanonxo will continue to grind it out and grow faster than they ever have.