Asmongold’s first Lost Ark stream was his biggest ever on Twitch

Asmongold lost arkAsmongold/Smilegate RPG

Twitch star Asmongold returned to streaming on his main channel with the launch of Lost Ark with a broadcast that broke his record for peak viewership at over 285,000.

On February 8, Asmongold returned to his main channel after months of broadcasting from his secondary channel, zackrawrr.

During his return, he made a promise that he’ll be trying out GTA RP in the near future in an announcement that generated tons of excitement as fans of his have wanted him to hop into GTA for years now.

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Asmon’s triumphant return also saw him peak at viewership numbers he’s never seen before.

asmongold lost ark wowAsmongold/Blizzard/Amazong Game Studios
Asmongold has over 2.5 million followers on Twitch.

Asmongold breaks his viewership record

The 31-year-old Twitch streamer started his Lost Ark journey by finding out nearly every variation of his name had been taken already.

He failed at naming his character all of Asmongold, Asmon, Zackrawrr, and Asmongler. Finally, after even more attempts, he landed on a name that satisfied him: Asmongod.

Asmon typically has problems getting the name he wants in new MMO’s, and Lost Ark proved to be no different as fans scooped up nearly every version of “Asmongold” possible.

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As his stream was in full swing, he reached a peak of 285,726 viewers, his highest ever according to stat tracking site Twitch Tracker. The number narrowly beat out his previous record of 283k during a World of Warcraft stream back in August 2019 during the release of WoW Classic.

Lost Ark saw a massive amount of viewership on Twitch, reaching over 1.7 million peak viewership on all of Twitch the day the Founders Pack went live, and Asmongold made up a large chunk of that viewership.

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Asmongold wrapped up his stream after hitting level 20, and was both stunned and thankful for the amount of support he received through it all.

“I still cannot even believe that I just went live today. I’m going to go lay down and think about this, it’s kind of crazy.”

Asmon also confirmed he will continue to stream more Lost Ark on his main channel, meaning he might be leaving his secondary channel behind for now.

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