xQc’s Twitch stats reveal the insane amount of days streamed since 2017

xQc twitchUnsplash.com: Caspar Camille Rubin/Twitter: xQc

Popular Twitch streamer Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel has only taken 85 days off of streaming since the beginning of 2017, which is significantly less time off than the average worker. 

It’s no doubt that no matter what platform somebody broadcasts on, it takes a lot of time and dedication to grow a community as big as streamers like xQc, Pokimane, TimTheTatman, and NICKMERCS.

Having tens of thousands of viewers to entertain can be exhausting, and many of the biggest creators take regular breaks. For example, NICKMERCS took almost every Sunday offline in 2021.

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However, xQc has not taken these kinds of reprieves from going live. Instead, he’s only taken 85 days offline since January 1, 2017 — which is significantly less than the average American worker.

xQc has only taken 85 days offline since 2017

While xQc infamously started streaming League of Legends in 2014, it wasn’t until he began playing Overwatch professionally that he started to gain mass popularity on the site.

Stat-tracking website Twitchtracker began following the French Canadian just before the start of 2017. While checking it out, we noticed that he has only taken an insane 85 days off of Twitch from the beginning of that year until now.

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For example, if an average American office worker receives four weeks off for holidays and doesn’t work weekends, that’s 124 days off every calendar year.

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It goes without saying that there are a variety of jobs that work long hours and weekends, but if you compare xQc’s time off to an average worker, Felix has worked 620 more days between 2017 and 2021.

xQc streaming since 2017 Twitch Tracker
In the image above, colored blocks represent days streamed while non-colored blocks are xQc’s days off.

As you can see in the image above, Felix began taking fewer days off beginning in 2019, with just four days offline throughout the entire year.

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He continued his streak in 2020, with a total of 11 days offline. However, according to Streamerbans, every single one of those days offline was due to various bans from Twitch.

However, the fact that he has hardly taken days off is not the only impressive part about xQc’s dedication to his channel: While an average American workday is 8 hours long, with a varying lunchbreaks, Lengyel has gone as long as just under 21 hours during a single broadcast.

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xQc November 18 2021 almost 24 hour streamTwitch Tracker
On November 18, 2021, xQc nearly streamed for an entire 24 hours.

With over 10 million followers on his channel, it’s clear that what xQc has been doing over the years has paid off immensely.

According to the Twitch leaks in October 2021, his dedication to creating content has paid off financially as well — to the tune of almost 10 million dollars.

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