TFT Set 6 details: New champions & traits, Hextech Augments, release date

TFT Set 6 details new champions traits Hextech mechanicRiot Games

TFT’s Set 6 — named Gizmos and Gadgets — is on its way. The set is set to revolve around Piltover & Zaun, with plenty of new champions and traits from the region jumping into the Convergence, as well as the new Hextech Augments system.

TFT Set 5, Reckoning, is just about over, and Set 6 is right on the horizon.

While the current set brought its own new mechanics and feel to the League of Legends auto-battler, the Gizmos and Gadgets expansion looks to continue the momentum, and even bring back some blasts from the past.

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TFT Set 6: New champions and traits

59 new champions and 28 new traits are coming to TFT Set 6 — one more than the usual drop.

There’s a general theme emerging: Piltover & Zaun features heavily, which makes sense considering it’s the birthplace of all things Hextech in Runeterra — and it’s getting the spotlight in the upcoming Arcane TV show.

Set 6 also includes TFT’s first “secret” champion in Veigar. He’s not available in the regular shop — instead you unlock the Yordle-King by activating the 6 Yordle trait and hitting three-star copies of all the units.

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We’ve got a guide covering the full list of new TFT Set 6 champions and traits, and what they do, right here.

Riot GamesRiot Games
TFT Set 6 has a distinctive theme, featuring plenty of Piltover & Zaun champions tinkering with Hextech Augments.

TFT Set 6 mechanic: Hextech Augments

The Gizmos and Gadgets set mechanic will revolve around boosting up your team with all-new Hextech Augments. And no, it’s not like the old Set 1 Hextech trait.

Players will be offered a number of them across the game, loaded with “varied and powerful effects for your team”.

“We’ve always wanted TFT to be the kind of game where you can’t just play the same comp 20 times and you have to adapt to your circumstances,” Mortdog explained in an interview ahead of the TFT Set 6 release.

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“The best competitive TFT looks like you are adapting to all the situations put in front of you. Augments will push that in a forward direction.”

TFT Set 6 Phony Frontline augmentRiot Games
TFT Set 6 has introduced new Hextech Augments, making each game unique (peep the training dummies).

There are over 140 of the power-ups, with players receiving three of them across a game. Some old set mechanics will feature in the Hextech Augments, including Armories from Set 5, and Ornn items from Set 4.

Riot have promised that the Gizmo and Gadgets mechanic will be a lot easier to understand than Shadow and Radiant Items, which pushed casual players away.

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The choices are right there in your face, the descriptions are very clear. You’re given a lot of time, and the choices are always positive ⁠— there’s no trick questions. We’re very enthusiastic about Augments, especially for new players,” he said.

TFT Set 6 hextech mechanic Ornn ArmoryRiot Games
Ornn items will be available in the Armory as part of TFT Set 6’s Hextech Augments mechanic.

New Double-Up Co-op mode being added to TFT Labs

TFT’s first Labs mode, Hyper Roll, will be sticking around for Set 6, and a new one will be introduced as well. The new Lab, named Double-Up, will be a unique two-player mode pitting you and a friend against three other teams.

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Allies will share a health pool, and there’ll be a way to gift each other items, and even champions, to push yourselves to victory.

This mode will also have a competitive ladder, with a tournament planned for later on — so get grinding when it drops!

tft new co op lab modeRiot Games
This new TFT Co-Op Labs mode will have you working together for the first time in the game’s history.

Chibi Champions coming as new style of Little Legends

Chibi Champions will be new, playable avatars that players will use in place of Little Legends. They will resemble your favorite League of Legends champions just, as producer ‘FireNRain’ states in the September Dev Drop: “Chibified!”

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These are not hatched from eggs but can be bought directly from the store. These will fit into a broader category of playable characters called “Tacticians” that the game has plans to expand on later on down the line.

TFT Set 6 Jinx Chibi ChampionRiot Games
Jinx has been revealed as the first TFT Chibi Champion.

TFT Coins currency will replace RP

TFT Coins will be a unique currency used exclusively for Teamfight Tactics on both PC and Mobile.

Although a release for this has yet to be confirmed, this would take the place of RP that players use currently.

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TFT Set 6 release date

TFT Set 6 is primed to launch on TFT patch 11.22 on Wednesday, November 3.

It will go live for testing on the PBE for two weeks after TFT patch 11.21 ships on October 20 first though, so be sure to check it out there!