New Double-Up Labs mode coming in TFT Set 6: Play co-op with friends

TFT Double-Up launch in Set 6Riot Games

Teamfight Tactics has gotten a new Labs game mode in Gizmos & Gadgets. Named Double-Up, players can finally play co-op with friends as of TFT Set 6 ⁠— with plenty of interaction between allies. Here’s how the new mode works.

TFT players have long yearned for a way to play with their friends. Sure, you can queue up for a normal game and play around each other’s board, but you could never be on the same team.

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In TFT Set 6 though, you’ll be able to do just that with the new Double-Up game mode.

The 2v2v2v2 venture is Riot’s first in creating co-op Teamfight Tactics, with players sharing health pools ⁠— and even having a way to assist each other through armories and the new Augments.

Here’s how the Double-Up Labs mode works in TFT Set 6, and how you can queue up with friends starting in patch 11.23.

TFT Pengu Sprite Reckoning cinematicRiot Games
Gather your friends: It’s time to play co-op with the new Double-Up Labs mode in TFT Set 6.

What is TFT Double-Up? Co-op mode launched in Set 6

Double-Up joins Hyper Roll as TFT’s second-ever Labs game mode, expanding on the existing autobattler you know and love. It adds a fresh spin on Teamfight Tactics by finally pairing you up with an ally in a 2v2v2v2 format.

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You can choose to queue up either as a duo or a solo. Once you get into game, you’ll get paired up with a partner. Players will share a health pool, so you have to be sure you both survive. Once you lose all your health, you’ll be given one last chance ⁠— lose from there, and you’re both eliminated.

There are ways to assist your partner if they are struggling. There will be Assist Armories at Stage 2-5 and 6-2, where you can gift your partner components, gold, and other boosts. Players will also be given two Runes of Allegiance — one at the start of the game, and one at Stage 4-2 — which you can use at any time to share items or champions.

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However, the most interesting of all is being able to fight alongside your ally. If you win your combat early, your surviving units will jump onto your partner’s board to help push them to victory.

TFT Double-Up Assist armoryRiot Games
You can gift your ally items in the Assist Armory.

This opens up some interesting strategies. You can have one player play a really strong early game board, allowing the other to scale into the late game. You’ll also have to scout enemies, and make sure you aren’t contesting your own partner on their preferred team comps.

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The potential of TFT co-op gameplay is limitless, and Double-Up is only just the start of exploring that fantasy.

Double-Up release date in TFT Set 6

Double-Up launched on the second patch in TFT Set 6, patch 11.23, on November 17.

It will be available for all of TFT Set 6, and if it’s popular enough Riot will add it to the game permanently.