Sylas rework, Aphelios nerfs to headline massive LoL Patch 10.1

Andrew Amos
Riot Games

Season 10 of League of Legends is on its way, and with it is a massive Patch 10.1, set to change over a dozen champions including a mini Sylas rework, and nerfs to Aphelios and Mordekaiser.

With the start of League’s next season impending, a big patch is on the way finalizing all of the preseason changes. While the new Elemental Rift, drake system, and items have all been implemented, a slew of changes are on the way.

Lead gameplay designer Mark ‘Scruffy’ Yetter gave players the rundown of what to expect from Patch 10.1, with some crucial nerfs coming for the game’s most oppressive champions, and some new power picks rising up.

The biggest changes hitting Patch 10.1 is the mini Sylas rework. Riot were aiming to “shift his mechanics in a way that open up some weaknesses for him in very high level play while making him a viable champ for the majority of players,” Scruffy said in a December 2019 forum post.

Sylas has been heavily simplified, losing his auto-attack resets on his W and E which were abused in pro play for massive amounts of burst damage with his passive. Now, that power is shifting to his late game, which is set to ramp up massively.

All of his abilities have increased damage numbers at level five, and most received an AP scaling buff, making Sylas stronger the more items he has. His passive was also entirely reshaped to give him bonus attack speed and more AP scaling, giving him slightly less burst but more overall damage.

The only major nerf he received was losing his shield on his E to compensate for the changes, but overall Sylas will be buffed heading into Season 10. He has a lower skill cap, but he should still be rewarding to play.

On the other end of the scale, Aphelios and Mordekaiser are set to get major nerfs.

League’s newest champion, Aphelios, has dominated bot lane since his release, but he will be toned back a bit with nerfs to his movement speed, base health, and Infernum R damage.

Mordekaiser’s passive has been nerfed, giving him less sticking power on enemies during long fights. Aurelion Sol and Kassadin were also given a tone down on Patch 10.1, with minor nerfs to their damage and movement speed respectively.

Riot GamesAphelios has one of the highest win rates in bot lane on Patch 9.24 at 51.29%

Azir, Corki, Jayce, Jax, Kalista, Nami, Sejuani, Shyvana, Varus, Vi, and Zyra will all be receiving minor buffs during Patch 10.1 to help bring them back to relevancy. Keystone Prototype: Omnistone will be getting another cooldown buff as well to try and make it more viable.

The support items are also getting some slight changes, with Relic Shield and Steel Shoulderguard lines getting health regeneration, while Spectral Sickle and Spellthief’s Edge now coming with mana regen.

Among all the changes, one notable omission from the early notes was Wukong’s rework, which players expected to ship during Patch 10.1. Scruffy highlighted the champion was still being tinkered with, and was “not ready for 10.1.”

With Season 10 to start on January 10, players should expect Patch 10.1 to drop in the coming days.

League’s 148th champion, Sett, should also come out during Patch 10.1 on around January 14, ahead of the Mecha Kingdoms event on January 15.

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