How to complete Sett’s Calling Card mission in League of Legends

Riot Games

With the release of League’s newest champion Sett expected next week, a mysterious item has been popping up in players’ loot inventories called Sett’s Calling Card. Here’s how you can get it.

Sett is the latest edition to League, with the Ionian top laner joining the roster of 147 other champions in Runeterra on Patch 10.1. 

While he’s not in the game yet, players are able to unlock a mysterious item called Sett’s Calling Card from playing the game. If you want to get your hands on one before the Mecha Kingdoms event starts on January 15, here’s how you can complete the calling card mission.

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Riot GamesSett will be released sometime on Patch 10.1 with a skin from the new Mecha Kingdoms line.

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How to get Sett’s Calling Card in LoL

Nothing has been confirmed by Riot about how to unlock Sett’s Calling Card, but players have narrowed down to two possible ways of getting the item.

The first way, which is more speculative is by having a phenomenal performance in a game. That can be getting quadra or pentakills, or an S+ in-game rating.

The second, which has been rumored to be more likely, is by getting 10 first blood kills. Straight after getting the 10th first blood, players have had the item pop up in their loot section.

Riot GamesNo one knows what Sett’s Calling Card does for now.

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What does Sett’s Calling Card do?

Players who obtained Sett’s Calling Card before his release on January 14 will be able to unlock the champion for free.

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It doesn’t come with the Mecha Kingdom skin, so players who have Sett’s Calling Card but were also looking to buy the skin will have to pay 1350 RP separately for it.

If you didn’t get Sett’s Calling Card, you will have to buy the champion as normal for 7800 BE if you want him now, or 6300 BE if you wait a week for the regular pricing to kick in.

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When will Sett be released in LoL?

Sett is now live in League of Legends as of January 14. He was released with a Mecha Kingdom skin for the upcoming event, set to start on January 15.

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