Sylas changes on LoL Patch 10.1 boost his late game power

Sylas is expected to get a massive change to his kit heading into Patch 10.1, alongside plenty of buffs and nerfs to other League of Legends champions now live on the PBE.

Sylas is one of League’s most problematic champions. While the design concept of stealing other champion’s ultimates was long-requested by the community, the rest of his kit has seemingly overshadowed it.

With the champion dominant in the hands of pro’s able to understand the intricacies of his kit, while mediocre in others, Riot has looked to shift his power and make him a bit easier to play heading into Season 10.

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Riot GamesSylas’ chains will be unshackled in the late game come Patch 10.1.

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The mechanic changes to Sylas were teased on lead gameplay designer Mark ‘Scruffy’ Yetter’s Quick Gameplay Thoughts forum post, giving him more late game power, as well as lowering his overall skill floor.

“The core goal here is to shift his mechanics in a way that open up some weaknesses for him in very high level play while making him a viable champ for the majority of players,” he said.

Currently on the PBE, Sylas is having a lot of his early game power shifted towards late game scaling, from his base stats to his abilities. His health, armor, and magic resist are all being significantly reduced at level one, but will scale up to be much stronger at level 18. 

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Most of Sylas’ mechanics are also being simplified. His passive now stores more charges and grants a 60% attack speed bonus when he has a charge in the bank.

His W, Kingslayer, will now heal more reliably on minions and monsters instead of just champions, but in return will heal for less. It’s also getting an overall damage buff, which scales massively into the later stages of the game. deal more damage overall.

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His Q and E are getting minor damage touchups to reflect this change in power. His E does more damage, but no longer grants him a shield, while his Q has had its power shifted towards the second damage tick.

Overall, while the changes are a buff, a lot of Sylas’ more minute mechanics are being patched out to make him a bit easier to pick up.

Riot GamesSylas has a high skill floor, but he will be slightly simplified come Patch 10.1.

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Patch 10.1 is host to a bunch more changes though. As the first official patch of Season 10, plenty of items and champions are getting fine tuned in preparation for the next ranked season.

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Support items are getting additional health and mana regen, depending on what item you took, however most tier three support items are getting a nerf. 

Nami and Zyra, two supports on the cusp of getting more play time, are also receiving a slight buff to help push them over the line in 2020. Nami’s Tidecaller’s Blessing will now work on abilities, while Zyra’s plant slow will stack for every hit.

Riot GamesNami will be getting a slight buff to her E, Tidecaller’s Blessing, on Patch 10.1.

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Some changes planned for Patch 10.1 are being pushed out on Patch 9.24b instead, which is expected to drop in the next couple of days.

Nerfs to Elemental Drakes, Heimerdinger, and Aphelios headline the micro-patch leading League into the holiday break.

Patch 10.1 is expected in early January, around January 7.

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