First look at League of Legends Mecha Kingdom skins – Jax, Sett, more

Riot Games

After being teased on December 11, Riot Games have given League players a first look at the Mecha Kingdom skins for Jax, Sett, Leona, Draven, and Garen, the Prestige Mecha Kingdom skin for Garen, as well as a gameplay teaser for Sett.

The League of Legends community have been waiting in anticipation for more news to come out of Riot for the Mecha Kingdoms event, and they didn’t have to wait long. 

After the announcement on December 11, fans were treated to a PBE Preview of the five skins coming in the event on December 12.

Riot GamesThe Mecha Kingdoms LoL event was announced on December 11.

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Jax headlined the five skin previews after his appearance in the ‘Higher’ cinematic. Equipped with a turbo-charged weapon, the Grandmaster at Arms looks to break through his barrier, and carry his Kingdom to victory.

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However, he will be challenged by Noxus, Demacia, Mount Targon, and Ionia alike, as prominent characters from the four divisions of Runeterra make appearances in the skin line.

Draven will represent Noxus, with the showboating axe thrower getting a more high-tech look than his usual blood and gore. The moustache and flamboyant hair is gone, but he’s still ready to put on a show while carving up his enemies.

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Garen is the Demacian character in the set, with his skin getting a blue hue to it. His ultimate lays down a massive hologram of his sword on top of the enemy, sending any dissidents of Demacia to their death in an instant.

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Garen will also be getting the Prestige skin for the event. With a golden tinge to his mecha armor, the skin graphics deviate from the clean white-and-gold we’ve come to expect from Prestige skins to show off a more grey tone.

Riot GamesGaren will be receiving a Mecha Kingdoms Prestige Edition skin.

Leona will defend Mount Targon’s honor with a red hue. Her ultimate emblazons a massive Mecha Kingdoms logo on the ground. Finally, Sett’s first skin was officially unveiled, with the Ionian fighter getting involved in the battle.

Riot GamesJax was the headline act in the Mecha Kingdoms teaser released on December 11.

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Players were also treated to a first look at Sett’s abilities in his skin preview for Mecha Kingdoms.

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His mechanics look similar to Aatrox and Vi, using his fists to deal massive amounts of both single-target and area-of-effect damage. He also showcases what appears to be his ultimate, travelling a short distance in the air before slamming down on the ground.

The skins have a very similar appearance to the Project skin line, with high-tech effects both visually and sound-wise. This might come as a shame to some Leona players, as she already has a Project skin that looks quite similar to the Mecha Kingdoms one.

Riot GamesSett can deal tons of single-target and AoE damage.

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No details about how much the skins cost are known yet, but it’s likely they will be around the 1350 RP mark. However, with the quick turnaround between announcement and release, fans are hyped for what’s to come from the Mecha Kingdoms event. 

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The Mecha Kingdoms event is expected to start on January 15, with the five skins expected to be released at the same time.