Wukong rework brings him back to League of Legends meta for Season 10

Riot Games

Riot has given League of Legends players an update on the Wukong rework which looks to bring him back to relevancy, showcasing what his new ability set will look like and when he will be available to play.

Wukong is one of League of Legends’ oldest champions, being released back in July 2011. He hasn’t changed much since then, and as more champions have hit Runeterra, he’s lost a bit of his shine.

To bring him back to his former glory, Riot have been working on a rework for the Monkey King since May 2019. With the update nearing its completion, Riot have released more details about how Wukong’s kit will look heading into Season 10, and he might even find a place in the meta. 

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Riot GamesRiot is looking to modernize some of its older champions, with Wukong next in line to get an update.

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Senior Champion Designer Nathan ‘Lutzburg’ Lutz has shared more information on the Wukong rework in a November 27 forum post, saying that the changes are almost ready to be pushed to the players.

Riot have completely reworked his Passive and W, Warrior Trickster, while his other abilities have been given slight tweaks. His passive will now grant Wukong a physical damage shield when he goes invisible for a second, which lasts for a few seconds.

This synergizes incredibly well with his W, Warrior Trickster. While it will still create a clone, Wukong players will have more control over where they dash to. The clone will also fight back against enemies, dealing damage based on ability rank, up to 100% of Wukong’s AD at rank five.

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Riot GamesThe full change list for Wukong, including number balances, will be out shortly.

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His Q is receiving some slight numbers tweaks, and will refund mana on kill, while his E now deals magic damage. His ultimate, Cyclone, is getting its damage tick-rate doubled, similar to changes recently made to Viktor. He can now also cancel it early by casting another spell.

The update was intended to “improve Wukong and give him some new tools to succeed in Season 10 and beyond,” said Lutzburg in an October forum post

“[We wanted to] give Wukong more tools and agency to make proactive plays during the laning phase, provide Wukong with quality-of-life improvements where possible, and shift Wukong’s power curve towards the early game.”

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Riot GamesRiot Games
Riot have put a tentative release date of December on the Wukong rework.

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When does the Wukong rework go live in LoL?

Lutzburg teased a potential release date onto the PBE in December, with hopes of getting the rework live for Season 10. However, nothing is locked in yet as Riot are continuing to work on balancing his kit.

“Based on your feedback, outstanding bugs and a general balance pass, we aren’t able to provide an exact release date yet,” he said.

Once the rework hits the PBE, it’s likely to come out on live servers a couple of weeks down the line.