Jankos blames G2’s 0-4 LEC streak on “falling behind in the meta”

Meg Kay
g2 esports league of legends jungler pro player jankosMichal Konkol, Riot Games

In the latest episode of the LEC’s EUphoria podcast, G2 jungler Marcin ‘Jankos’ Jankowski took a deep dive on the team’s poor performance in Weeks 3 and 4 of the LEC.

From MSI semifinals to seventh place in the LEC. G2’s poor performance in weeks 3 and 4 has been one of the biggest shocks of the Summer split so far – with Europe’s MSI representatives dropping games to some of the worst-performing rosters in the league.

On July 20, jungler Jankos made an appearance on the LEC’s EUphoria podcast, where he discussed G2’s recent shortcomings with casters Daniel Drakos and Marc ‘Caedrel’ Lamont. He remains confident in the team’s ability to get it together for playoffs, but didn’t shy away from criticisms of their recent performance.

The section in question begins at 5:35.

Too slow to adapt

According to Jankos, the responsibility for G2’s recent failings is twofold. The first issue the team have been facing is simply that they haven’t been quick enough to adapt to the ever-changing meta.

“I think as a team, we still had a pretty decent idea on how to play the game” he explained to Caedrel and Drakos, “but at some points I feel like we fell behind on the meta, and we were too slow to adapt to the patches.”

Despite the controversial durability update that came directly between MSI and the start of the summer split, the LEC didn’t actually see any particularly drastic changes in draft from spring to summer. But even with such minimal change, Jankos explained how he felt like G2 hadn’t been able to keep up.

“When we came back from MSI, the meta was still the same. And then I think, over the course of a couple of patches, the meta shifted a bit, and we fell behind.”

Individual weaknesses

The second of the team’s issues is one that’s a little more difficult to solve – the problem of poor individual performance.

“I felt like we were just dying in the early game everywhere,” Jankos admitted. “You can even bring up me and Rasmus ‘Caps’ Winther dying 2 vs 2 against SK Gaming this weekend. You can also bring up bot lane getting solo killed, top lane getting solo killed, or ganked, or us losing the 2 vs 2 in top versus Fnatic.”

“I feel like there were just many things that went wrong. Everyone was just sucking.”

But despite this somewhat grim outlook on G2’s recent games, Jankos remains confident that they’ll be able to turn it around in time for the Summer playoffs. The focus for the team in the next few weeks will be on “fixing laning and jungle pathing, and fixing the early game as a whole” in time to pull themselves out of the bottom four.