Gen.G win MSI 2024: Recap, schedule, teams, more

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MSI 2024 schedule teams results

MSI 2024 took place in Chengdu, China from May 1-19. 12 teams qualified from all around the world, with the major regions (LPL, LCK, LEC, LCS) getting two slots each and four minor regions getting one slot.

LOUD, GAM, Estral, and FlyQuest were eliminated in the Play-Ins stage, with FlyQuest in particular being a surprising elimination considering they lost to a minor region team. And this comes after they broke records in the worst way in their matchup against T1.

And, though G2 looked promising after taking down Top Esports in decisive fashion, they ultimately fell to T1. Only for T1 to fall to BLG, pitting China’s #1 seed against Gen.G. And, ultimately, Gen.G came out on top.

Between Peyz setting a new kill record and players like Chovy and Kiin finally getting their chance at international recognition, it’s been a historic tournament for Gen.G. The team has been cursed internationally, and they’ve finally broken that curse.

Here’s everything you need to know about MSI 2024 from every match result, teams that participated, when each team got eliminated, and more.

MSI 2024 Schedule

MSI will be taking place from May 1 through May 19 at the Chengdu Financial City Performing Arts Center.

Here’s a full breakdown of the schedule by day:

  • Play-In Stage: May 1-5
  • Bracket Stage (Week 1): May 7-12
  • Bracket Stage (Week 2): May 14-18
  • Grand Finals: May 19

MSI Matches and results

MSI 2024 Grand Finals

Grand FinalGen.G 3-1 BLG2AM5AM9AM

Bracket Stage (Week 2): May 14-18

Day 1: May 14

Lower Bracket Round 2G2 Esports 3-0 Top Esports2AM5AM9AM

With this loss, Top Esports was eliminated.

Day 2: May 15

Lower Bracket Round 2Team Liquid Honda 1-3 T12AM5AM9AM

With this loss, Team Liquid was eliminated.

Day 3: May 16

Upper Bracket Round 3Bilibili Gaming 1-3 Gen.G2AM5AM9AM

Day 4: May 17

Lower Bracket Round 3G2 0-3 T12AM5AM9AM

With this loss, G2 was eliminated.

Day 5: May 18

Lower Bracket FinalsT1 2-3 BLG2AM5AM9AM

With this loss, T1 was eliminated.

Bracket Stage (Week 1): May 7-12

Day 1: May 7

Upper Bracket Round 1Team Liquid 0-3 Top Esports2AM5AM9AM

Day 2: May 8

RoundMatch PTETGMT
Upper Bracket Round 1Gen.G 3-0 Fnatic2AM5AM9AM

Day 3: May 9

Upper Bracket Round 1BLG 3-2 PSG Talon2AM5AM9AM

Day 4: May 10

Upper Bracket Round 1G2 2-3 T12AM5AM9AM
Lower Bracket Round 1Fnatic 1-3 Team Liquid Honda9PM12AM4AM

With this loss, Fnatic was eliminated.

Day 5: May 11

Upper Bracket Round 2Gen.G 3-2 Top Esports2AM5AM9AM
Lower Bracket Round 1PSG Talon 0-3 G29PM12AM4AM

With this loss, PSG Talon was eliminated.

Day 6: May 12

Upper Bracket Round 2T1 1-3 BLG2AM5AM9AM

Play-in Stage: May 1-5

Day 1

Group A Upper Bracket SemifinalsFlyQuest 2-1 PSG Talon1 AM4 AM8 AM
Group A Upper Bracket SemifinalsT1 2-0 Estral Esports4 AM7 AM11 AM

Day 2

Group B Upper Bracket SemifinalsFnatic 2-0 GAM Esports1 AM4 AM8 AM
Group B Upper Bracket SemifinalsTop Esports 2-0 LOUD4 AM7 AM11 AM

Day 3

Group A Upper Bracket FinalFlyQuest 0-2 T11 AM4 AM8 AM
Group B Upper Bracket FinalFnatic 1-2 Top Epsorts4 AM7 AM11 AM

T1 and Top Esports’ wins here qualified them for the next stage of MSI, the Bracket Stage.

Day 4

Group A Lower Bracket SemifinalEstral 0-2 PSG Talon1 AM4 AM8 AM
Group B Lower Bracket SemifinalGAM Esports 2-1 LOUD4 AM7 AM11 AM

With these losses, Estral and LOUD were eliminated.

Day 5

Group A Lower Bracket FinalFlyQuest 0-2 PSG Talon1 AM4 AM8 AM
Group B Lower Bracket FinalFnatic 2-0 GAM Esports4 AM7 AM11 AM

With these losses, FlyQuest and GAM were eliminated.

MSI 2024 Teams and Rosters

Here’s a list of the teams that attended MSI 2024, as well as their seeding in the bracket. First seed teams didn’t play until after Play-Ins concluded.

Team Liquid (1st Seed)LCSImpact, UmTi, APA, Yeon, CoreJJ
FlyQuest (2nd Seed)LCSBwipo, Inspired, Jensen, Massu, Busio
G2 Esports (1st Seed)LECBrokenBlade, Yike, Caps, Hans sama, Mikyx
Fnatic (2nd Seed)LECOscarinin, Razork, Humanoid, Noah, Jun
Gen.G (1st Seed)LCKKiin, Canyon, Chovy, Peyz, Lehends
T1 (2nd Seed)LCKZeus, Oner, Faker, Gumayusi, Keria
BLG (1st Seed)LPLBin, XUN, knight, Elk, ON
Top Esports (2nd Seed)LPL369, Tian, Creme, JackeyLove, Meiko
Estral EsportsLLAZothve, Josedeodo, cody, SNAKER, ACKERMAN
GAM EsportsVCSKiaya, Levi, Emo, EasyLove, Elio
PSG TalonPCSAzhi, JunJia, Maple, Betty, Woody
LOUDCBLOLRobo, Croc, tinowns, Route, RedBert

Does MSI have approved co-streamers?

MSI did have approved co-streamers. This year’s roster included multiple creators streaming the broadcast across English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Turkish, and many other languages.

Approved MSI 2024 co-streamers:

  • North America
    • Mrs Chim Chim
    • IWDominate
    • Sneaky
    • Doublelift
    • Meteos
    • LS
  • Latin America
    • Nickdaboom
    • Lastpick
    • Pichu
    • JimRising
  • Brazil
    • Baiano
    • Ayel
    • brTT
    • Veggie
    • Absolut
    • Yoda
  • EMEA
    • English
      • Jackspektra
      • YamatoCannon
      • Caedrel
      • Jasikyu
      • Huzzy
    • German
      • Gilius
      • TwoStone
      • Obsess
    • French
      • Aloonea
      • Skyyart
      • Kamet0
    • Spanish
      • Ibai
      • KNekro
      • Cabramaravilla
    • Italian
      • Terenas
      • KenRhen
    • Greek
      • TheRock7
    • Czech
      • Xnapy
      • Freeze
    • Turkish
      • Halpern
      • LyncCerezz
    • Polish
      • Nervarien
      • Lewus
    • Arabic
      • Dattura
      • Snow
    • Portuguese
      • Kamus
    • Romanian
      • SpeeDy
  • Korea
    • MinGyo
    • SangHo
    • KangQui
    • A-ddeung
    • DDDD
    • Wolf
    • hitheresooya
  • APAC
    • Vietnamese
      • Thay Giao Ba (Teacher Three)
      • Van Tung
      • Hoang Luan
      • SofM
      • Optiumus
    • Thai
      • Takluz
      • Lloyd Style
    • Japanese
      • Asumi Sena
      • Raijin
      • kamito
    • Indonesian
      • Kurohiko
    • Mandarin
      • RB
      • NL
    • Filipino/Tagalog
      • Krisrey
      • Razziebinx
  • China
    • Zhao Junri
    • Zz1tai
    • kRYST4L
    • Uzi
    • DYS
    • PYL
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