Everything we know about 2XKO’s Illaoi: Abilities, mechanics, more

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Illaoi 2XKO

Riot Games unveiled Illaoi, the Kraken Priestess, as the first Champion to receive a gameplay trailer for their upcoming fighting title, 2XKO. Dive into this guide to learn how to master her before the game releases.

Illaoi is one of the many Champions revealed for 2XKO alongside the likes of Yasou, Ekko, Darius, and Ahri. Like her character in League of Legends, Illaoi is a hard-hitting tank that uses her conjured tentacles to her advantage.

Illaoi’s full ability list in 2XKO

We do not know the button inputs for Illaoi’s kit just yet, but the developers have shared a basic understanding of how she works.

Illaoi’s main damage dealer in 2XKO is her tentacles which can be broken down into two parts: Illaoi’s S1 and S2 abilities.

S2 Specials: Illaoi can use any S2 Special to spawn a tentacle on the map, much like she can in League of Legends. Her Forward Assist is the same as her S2 Special and can be used for controlling mid-range fights.

S1 Specials: Illaoi can use any of her S1 Specials to trigger her tentacles for a follow-up attack as long as the opponent is within the tentacle’s “Splash Zone.” If not in range, Illaoi can use certain moves to teleport the nearest tentacle to the enemy before placing an attack.

Wrath of Nagakabouros: Illaoi’s S2 Super summons giant tentacles that smack the ground around her opponent. Any tentacles already in play will also get the same treatment. But if Illaoi or her Duo are hit at any point while the S2 Super is active, her tentacles will disappear.

Crashing Waves: Illaoi’s S1 Super allows her to pick up her opponent, swing them overhead and slam them into the ground twice. If she already has a tentacle up while in the super, holding S1 will reposition it.

Test of Spirit: This is Illaoi’s ultimate ability where she sends her opponent’s soul to the depth where they will face Nagakabouros. Test of Spirit is a mid-range move with a fast start-up that makes it perfect for ending combos. It is also invincible on startup, making the ultimate difficult to counter in the heat of the moment.

Illaoi’s playstyle in 2XKO

Illaoi has abilities beyond tentacle attacks. Like in League of Legends, Illaoi has multiple slamming attacks which can deal significant damage to her opponent. As developer Caroline Montano explained in the video, the team at 2XKO did not want Illaoi to become a “puppet character.”

Her tentacle attacks function as rewards for players who deal damage and stay constantly moving. These tentacles are also easy to eradicate as a single hit from an opponent will cause them to disappear.

2XKO relies on cooperation between teammates to eliminate opponents. Even when Illaoi has been KO’d or is off-screen, she can still be a threatening force. Illaoi’s tentacles will stick around to offer her teammate additional support.

Even while KO’d, Illaoi can also use Last Stand to activate her ultimate and “beat the soul” out of whoever is currently battling it out.

How to play Illaoi in 2XKO

There is no set release date for 2XKO, but Riot Games will be showing off the game at this year’s EVO Japan. Those attending will have the chance to play her and the other characters for the first time.

Riot also revealed that home-based playtesting for 2XKO will go live later this year and allow fans unable to attend EVO Japan to test Illaoi out in full.

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