xQc’s girlfriend claps back at people accusing her of being a “gold digger”

Declan Mclaughlin

Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel’s girlfriend, Aikobliss, clapped back at social media users accusing her of dating the streamer because of his money after showing off the watch he gifted her.

Aikobliss showed off an Audemars Piguet watch, a brand that sells its products for tens of thousands of dollars, that xQc gifted her on stream on July 2 after the creator entered her chat and complimented the timepiece.

“Oh yeah don’t worry about it my boyfriend got it for me,” she said in a sarcastic tone while laughing. “So cool, so cool.”

The couple’s interaction was clipped by X account iqkev and quickly spread around the internet. Aikobliss said on her stream the next day that she found the clip while “doom-scrolling” on social media and was shocked to see people’s reaction.

Aikobliss explained that almost every single reply was negative toward her with multiple accounts calling her a “gold digger.”

The Twitch streamer said she isn’t materialistic like that: “I pay my bills. I pay for my food. I pay for my own clothes,” she remarked.

She then explained to her viewers that the watch has no monetary value outside of “the love I have for it” because she has no plans to sell it.

“I’m never going to sell it, and if we break up I’m going to give it back. I don’t want it. This is something that has intrinsic value to me. I know this is hard for a lot of you people to understand, and not you chat but the people who are out there who are horrible people,” she added.

“It has intrinsic value. This is something somebody I love gave to me and that’s why it has value. It doesn’t matter how much it f***ing costs, because what matters to me is that it was given to me by somebody I care about.”

She ended the rant by saying she loves xQc and flipping off people who think she should sell the watch. The two have been dating for months now and seem to be in a healthy relationship compared to xQc’s previous partners.