xQc blasts NICKMERCS over claim he has to gamble while on KICK

Connor Bennett
xQc and Nickmercs side by side on stream looking at camera and talking

Streaming star Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel called Nick ‘NICKMERCS’ Kolcheff “disingenuous” for revealing that he will gamble on KICK after signing a non-exclusive deal with the platform. 

When KICK burst onto the streaming scene at the start of 2023, many wrote it off as something that wouldn’t last long and would just appeal to streamers who were affected by Twitch’s ban on gambling content. 

Fast forward to the end of 2023 and the Stake-backed platform has solidified itself as a challenger to Twitch. They’ve signed big streamers to non-exclusive deals, allowing them to split their time between both platforms.

NICKMERCS has become the latest streamer to ink one of those deals, as he’s streaming on KICK for the next year. However, he’s come under fire a bit for revealing that he “has” to gamble at times when streaming on there. 

xQc hits out at NICKMERCS for saying he has to gamble on KICK

The FaZe Clan star said gambling is “part of the contract” with KICK, however, xQc has questioned if he’s telling the complete truth. 

“They don’t want to add more gamba s*it, they want to go normal mode, ok? So if Nick has a f*cking clause that says he’s got to gamble, he put it there,” the Canadian said, claiming Nick has separate deals with KICK and Stake. 

“Not only did he sign for KICK, he asked for a Stake deal, he got a Stake deal and he tries to say ‘Oh guys, I’ve got to gamba, it’s part of the contract’ when it’s not. That’s just disingenuous. Nick is bugging, Nick has got to fix this s*it up, ok. I don’t know what’s going on with Nick.”

The former Overwatch star claimed that he and other streamers who made the jump to KICK before “could have spoken like that” but it’s ultimately “stupid” from Nick.

It remains to be seen if Nick will clear things up or it’ll just rumble on. But he’s already made it clear he’s got a spot outside of the US to cater to his gambling streams.