Kyedae confirms Kick offer and slams “weird” platform amid xQc claims

Dylan Horetski
Kyedae on her recent Twitch stream

Kyedae has debunked xQc’s claim that Kick never reached out to her with an offer after a former staff member alleged that the platform tried to sign her for less money due to her battle with cancer.

On June 17, ex-Kick staff member Melissa uploaded a nearly 20-minute-long YouTube video with allegations towards the platform’s employees.

In her video, she accused Kick staff of offering less money to a “very beloved” Twitch streamer because “she probably thinks she’s gonna die soon and she’ll want to leave more money for her family.”

Melissa didn’t drop any names, but users across social media were certain that conversation was about Kyedae, as she publicly battled Leukemia throughout 2023.

xQc defended the platform the next day, and claimed that neither Kick nor Stake had reached out to Kyedae to try and ink a deal with the beloved streamer.

Kyedae debunked xQc’s claims during a June 19 Twitch stream, revealing that Kick did, in fact, try to sign her to the Stake-owned platform.

“I honestly don’t care. I got an offer from Kick and I declined it. I decided that morally, I didn’t really want to go over to Kick,” she said in a clip shared on Twitter.

“Even if they did try to exploit me for my cancer… it doesn’t matter. I think it’s weird to say, ‘We can offer her cheaper rates.’ I don’t think there was anyone else publicly battling [cancer], I think.

“I’m not too bothered by it. It doesn’t really matter, because that platform’s f**king dying.”

She went on to share her thoughts about the validity of the claims made by the ex-Kick staff member, sayin that she thinks it’s true.

“I think it’s true. I don’t think there’s a point in her lying,” Kyedae said. “I’ve heard so much worse about my illness that it doesn’t really bother me.”