Honkai Star Rail players mock absurd weapon design for characters

Rishov Mukherjee
A screenshot of Silver Wolf in Honkai Star Rail

Honkai Star Rail is a sci-fi game, but that did not stop players from having some fun regarding some of the ridiculous weapon designs in the game.

Every character in Honkai Star Rail uses a different kind of weapon. It is crucial to remember that this difference is being judged based on the animations and design and not gameplay.

In gameplay terms, a Light Cone is what you can call a weapon. However, strictly speaking from the animation and design perspective, every character has their own weapon and some of them look quite bizarre.

Hence, here is what the community had to say regarding the weapon designs in the game.

Honkai Star Rail players mock absurd weapon designs for characters

A screenshot of Seele from Honkai Star Rail
Honkai Star Rail weapon designs lead to a fun topic of discussion among fans

The discussion regarding this absurdity surrounding weapon designs was started by Reddit user redxlaser15, who pointed out some of the weird weapons that the characters use. The post owner stated that despite being a sci-fi game, the main trio uses a baseball bat, a bow, and a spear.

Apart from that, they also discussed Himeko using a briefcase and Serval using a guitar as weapons. The post owner further mocked these weapon designs by drawing examples of Seele who uses a Scythe which is extremely unwieldy and Natasha using a cannon despite being a doctor.

It is safe to say that the post got a lot of traction from Honkai Star Rail players. As of writing this, the post has 1.7k upvotes and 409 comments which shows that a lot of people found it funny.

One such player commented that “when myh took the feedback more weapon types too seriously” while mocking the design choices from the company. Another user commented that “It’s just that technology is also currently cane shaped” regarding Welt‘s weapon.

There was also another player who remarked that “Beating the crap out of people with your sister’s guitar case is brilliant” while talking about Gepard‘s choice of weapon. In short, players had a lot of fun discussing this topic.

Lastly, the discussion also pointed out the fact despite being a sci-fi universe, most of the characters are still using swords and blades as if it’s medieval times. Hence, players feel that it is so ridiculously absurd that it is funny and is probably one of the biggest points of appeal for the game.

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