Helldivers 2’s cloaked ships signal an ominous new threat

Shane Black
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Helldivers 2 fans are concerned that newly-discovered cloaked ships above Automaton planets are harbingers for a much bigger threat arriving soon.

A string of Helldivers 2 players have noticed what appear to be giant, cloaked ships hovering above Automaton planets, which seems to signify that a new threat is going to emerge soon.

After the playerbase was able to liberate Malevelon Creek with ease, many were worried that the devs allowed it to happen as a way to distract them from something big.

With these ships now being spotted, it’s easy to suspect that something is going to happen. The only question is what it could be, and when.

The evidence of these ships can be seen on the Helldivers 2 subreddit, where one person posted a screenshot, saying: “Cloaked, massive ships over Automaton worlds.”

Helldivers 2 character aiming at cloaked ships above planet

Speculation is running rampant in the comments, with many fearing that it’s giving the Automatons another weapon to use against them:

“Hulks were their stratagems, what if they aren’t the biggest they have to throw at us?”

However, not every user is thinking it has to be related to Automatons, as there is one specific type of enemy from the first game that the community has been waiting to come to Helldivers 2.

As one person mentions, “Only one enemy faction that I know of that used to use cloaking technology…”

This is in reference to the Illuminate, a race of aliens known for their cloaking abilities, which some people think have already been sighted in the game already.

While the devs may or may not have something up their sleeves remains to the be seen, but that won’t stop the Helldivers 2 community from speculating about what kind of threat they have to deliver managed democracy to next.