Summit1g explodes at Twitch fan who roasted him over hilarious Hearthstone misplay

summit1g-twitch-hearthstone-misplayTwitch: Summit1g / Blizzard

Jaryd ‘Summit1g’ Lazar blasted a Twitch fan who roasted him over a hilarious Hearthstone misplay, telling them to watch someone else before swinging the ban hammer.

Summit1G has had his fair share of interesting encounters lately. He’s experienced everything from listening to an Apex Legends teammate’s wild rant to dominating stream-snipers on Escape from Tarkov.

He managed to keep his cool throughout them all. However, the same can’t be said about his latest encounter with a toxic fan who roasted him over what they deemed to be a suboptimal play on Hearthstone.

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Hearthstone game boardBlizzard
Summit1G blasted a fan who was harassing him in chat about his Hearthstone skills.

Catch the ban hammer. I don’t like you,” said Summit. “Don’t laugh at my plays. Don’t make fun of my plays. It is what it is. I’m bad, or I’m not. You’re good. That’s f**king fantastic. Don’t sit there and talk sh*t. I don’t like it.”

Summit explained that the fan didn’t need to tune into his stream if he didn’t want to. “There are so many good players on Hearthstone, man. They’re everywhere. Go watch them. Those guys won’t make as many misplays.”

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However, he believes the fan wanted to watch someone who isn’t great at the game just so they could roast them. “That’s why you’re here. Why the f**k would you make fun of it? Shut the f**k up. That’s basically what I’m trying to say.”

Summit stuck to his guns and banned the bothersome fan without batting an eye. “You’re banned. It sucks. You can’t even see the chat laughing at you right now.”

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After the deed was done, he jumped right back into the action and ultimately won the game. “I thought I played it decently. Maybe we didn’t make the right play there on one of those turns, but it wasn’t too bad!”

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