Summit1g left stunned after “wild” Apex Legends teammate rant

Twitch: Summit1g, Respawn Entertainment

Twitch streamer Jaryd ‘Summit1g’ Lazard was left baffled during an Apex Legends session, after encountering his “wild” teammate breaking down their in-game skills. Over the years, Summit1g has seen plenty of absurd situations unfold across the likes of Escape From Tarkov, Sea of Thieves, and GTA RP. However, in Apex Legends, Summit’s teammate showcased an investment in the game, far greater than your average player.

Absolutely bewildered by his philosophical outlook on performing in the game, Summit was left speechless by this unique player.

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summit1g-featured-imageTwitch: summit1g
Summit has been known to rage from time to time, but this player took it to a different level.

Summit1g told to be “better” at Apex Legends

During his January 17 stream, the leader of the 1G squad was feeling the wrath of hardcore Apex players. Despite getting downed in the game, he offered words of encouragement to his squad in hopes of a return to form.

“You got this, Rasta. You got this sh*t, brother!” yelled Summit in an effort to encourage him. However, it didn’t do the trick. His teammate was gunned down shortly after, and they lost the round.

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This prompted the teammate to go on a hilarious toxic philosophical rant. “Can we not do what we’re doing as a team?” he said. “We had this. We were predicting them. We were running all over the place. You should pretend that what you’re going against is not real, because it’s not. Technically, this is all a simulation, because it is. We’re playing a video game,” the player added in a Matrix-style summation of their surroundings.

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Their philosophical offerings didn’t end there either, as they continued to dissect Apex’s gameplay: “Just move faster than you are. Just react better than this avatar that you see rendering. It doesn’t matter that it’s a person and a gun. That doesn’t matter. It’s an avatar that can be shot and put down.”

Summit couldn’t help but laugh at what he was hearing. “He’s right though,” he said with a wry grin on his face. Unfortunately, they ended up losing the match and the teammate had another dig at them.

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“He says we need to use teamwork more,” laughed Summit. “I liked him. He wasn’t that toxic. I thought he handled himself well considering he was losing and we were the cause. This game is wild! Too wild!’”

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