Summit1g fails funny Twitch donation challenge immediately after starting

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Summit1g was given a unique Twitch challenge by a fan and it only took a few seconds for him to miserably fail it.

Anyone who has watched Summit for long knows that he has a very distinct vocabulary. His manner of speaking is a bit of a meme in chat, and one viewer decided to give the star streamer a bit of a test with their donation.

In the $5 message, Twitch user Energetically challenged him not to say the word ‘man’ for an entire minute, and they certainly got their money’s worth in his response.

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Summit1g fails funny Twitch donation challenge while playing DayZ

The FPS star was playing DayZ when the challenge rolled in and he stopped to listen to the Text-to-Speech bot read it off. After thanking the viewer, he set out to give it a go and fumbled right out of the gate.

“I appreciate you, thank you for the donation Energetically. Please, man…” he started, but cut himself off when he realized what had happened.

“That doesn’t count, we let that one slide. Please, I know how to live without saying the word, okay? Yeah, it’s a very common word for me to use after I say the word please, so you caught me off-guard, I won’t let it happen again.”

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While he failed the first time, Summit did technically live up to his promise of not letting it happen again, as he didn’t say ‘man’ again for another minute and a half. His streak was broken when he missed a zombie that he had lured “into a trap” when he swung an axe at its head.

He may have only beaten the challenge by 27 seconds, but any recovery from that first attempt looks heroic in comparison.

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