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Mitch Jones reveals incredible gesture summit1g made after his Twitch ban

Published: 25/Oct/2019 10:17 Updated: 27/Oct/2019 13:22

by Connor Bennett


Popular streamer Mitch Jones has revealed how Jaryd ‘Summit1G’ Lazar played a major role in his return to broadcasting on Twitch.

Despite being a popular broadcaster who attracts thousands of viewers to his streams, Mitch Jones has had a rocky ride with Twitch in the past few weeks. Back in September, he came under fire for showing off a racist direct message which later resulted in him receiving a suspension.

Following that, however, he lost his partner status with the livestreaming platform, and revealed that he was stepping away from streaming altogether to find his passion elsewhere. Yet, that didn’t last long as he made a return on October 23, deciding to play League of Legends instead of WoW Classic or just chatting to his viewers.

Screengrab via TwitchMitch Jones is one of Twitch’s more popular IRL streamers.

Playing LoL, though, presents plenty of downtime between matches where a streamer can have a conversation with viewers. It was something Mitch took advantage of when he opened up about returning to streaming so quickly.

“I was like so hellbent, I’m just going to go and do my own thing for a bit and then summit calls me and he was like, ‘yo bro you can’t quit’ and I’m like why? He was like, ‘dude, you got to try just gaming and banning all the idiots, you got to try it dude,” Mitch explained. 

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Despite that, though, the streamer revealed that he was still hesitant because he would make “no money” as the loss of his partner status means the end of subscribers. 

Yet, it was something that he claimed summit also addressed for him. Mitch continued: “He was like, ‘dude, just keep your head low, build a good community in games and I got your back’. I was like what, I still don’t think this s**t is going to work.”

After that, the popular streamer continued on with his session inside the Riot Games title for a little while longer.

It remains to be seen if he’ll heed summit’s advice for now or if his return to Twitch will be a short-lived one and he will search for a different passion elsewhere.


Trainwrecks’ generosity backfires after Ludwig scores $10k Pokemon card

Published: 24/Nov/2020 1:42

by Brent Koepp


Smash Melee star Ludwig Ahgren sent a Pokemon card Twitch stream into a meltdown when he pulled a 1st Edition Dragonite worth up to $10k. The gaming pro scored the rare collectible after streamer Trainwreckstv gave him the pack.

Pokemon cards have taken over platforms such as YouTube and Twitch as viewers flock to see their favorite personalities chase after the rarest Nintendo collectibles.

A live Trading Card Game box opening hosted by streamer Mizkif and his org One True King went off the rails on November 22 when Smash pro Ludwig scored a rare Dragonite that could have been Trainwrecks’.

Twitch streamers react to Dragonite card during Pokemon broadcast.
Twitch: Mizkif
A rare Dragonite was pulled during the One True King Pokemon card stream.

Ludwig scores rare Pokemon card from 1999

The Pokemon TCG has seen a major explosion in value in 2020. Cards once traded for nothing on school playgrounds decades ago can now sell for as much as a house. The hobby has also become a major hit on sites like Twitch, with streamers buying sealed booster boxes from the 90s to open live for viewers.

On November 22, Twitch star Mizkif broke open 1st Edition sealed packs from the 1999 Fossil set. Those attending the event lost their minds when pro gamer Ludwig scored a 1st Edition Dragonite after streamer Trainwreckstv gave his pack to him.

The moment went viral due to the Twitch personality’s generosity backfiring. “Dude I swear to God if I said no to this pack to be fair and nice and its a good pack I want it back. Ludgwig, if this is good it’s my pack. If it’s bad, it’s your pack,” he exclaimed moments before the card was pulled. Unfortunately, the booster he passed on contained the exact rare holographic he was chasing after.

After the excitement settled, the group felt bad for Train’s incredibly bad luck. Although the popular Twitch star wasn’t too bitter about it, laughing it off on Twitter. If nothing else, he should be applauded for his generosity.

According to recent sales of the item, a 1st Edition Dragonite can sell anywhere from $8k to 9.7k depending on the grading. Luckily for Ludwig, the item looked incredibly pristine, giving him a good chance at a PSA 10 grading.