Summit1g hits out at Escape from Tarkov devs over major server problems

Summit1g next to EFT characterTwitch: summit1g / Battlestate Games

Veteran Twitch streamer Jaryd ‘summit1g’ Lazar has hit out at Escape from Tarkov developers Battlestate Games over the FPS’ servers, claiming that community servers are better than official ones. 

Escape from Tarkov has seen fluctuations in its popularity on Twitch over the past few years. It has attracted hundreds of thousands of viewers when the biggest streamers gravitated towards it but, as of early 2022, has fallen some way in terms of most-viewed titles.

One of the most popular streamers sticking with the Battlestate Games FPS is summit1g, who has long been a dominant force on Twitch.

However, his January 6 live stream was marred by server and connection issues, prompting the 34-year-old to go off at the game’s developers.

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summit1g-featured-imageTwitch: summit1g
Summit has been known to rage from time to time.

After struggling to connect, summit closed and re-launched his game, only to get placed in a queue that was 28,000 strong.

“I shouldn’t have done it dudes, I shouldn’t have done it – that was a bad idea,” he said. “Yo, you know what you guys gotta do, Tarkov? I play in a community server that is run by not any game admins, just by some dudes who like to f**king work on it and code it. And they have something where if you leave, you get prio[rity] if you come back.”

In short, summit wants a feature that inhibits players re-queueing from being stuck at the back.

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Following up, summit lamented the fact that NoPixel GTA RP servers are often better than those provided by actual game companies.

“I don’t understand how that gets better quality than stuff like this,” he continued. “How’s nobody over there even thought about ‘hey man, it really sucks that when our game disconnects somebody they have to wait in a 20k queue. Maybe when they leave the game for like 5 minutes, that account has a prio queue.’ Maybe something like f**king that.”

It’s certainly not an unreasonable request from summit, who was forced to wait for some time before getting back into a Tarkov lobby.

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We’ll have to wait and see if Battlestate Games take his advice and run with it.