Tyler1 brutally roasts “worst LCS player ever”

Shay Robson

Twitch streamer Tyler1 lashed out at former League of Legends pro Aiden ‘Niles’ Tidwell, slamming him as the “worst” LCS player ever.

Veteran League of Legends content creator Tyler1 is notorious for his random outbursts of rage, frequently lashing out at his teammates, viewers trolling him in chat, and even Riot devs.

Recently, the Twitch star took aim at Aiden ‘Niles’ Tidwell, calling him the “worst” LCS player ever after being “griefed” by the former Golden Guardians top-laner in his game.

Tyler1 slams Niles as “worst” LCS player ever

In a March 1 livestream, Tyler1 was “griefed” by Niles, who lost a 1v1 fight almost 40 minutes into the match. After losing the game, the streamer watched Niles’ mishap back, where he was baffled by the play.

However, according to Niles, who took to T1’s chat after the match, it was the correct decision to engage in the fight. From there, the Twitch star lashed out, calling Niles the “worst” player to ever play in the LCS.

“Niles, was you being the worst LCS player ever the correct play?” he hit back. However, Tyler1 didn’t stop there and continued to rip into the former LoL pro. “Was you failing in collegiate the correct play? Brother you don’t know the correct play, so why don’t you just get carried dipsh*t,” he said.

“You failed in everything you’ve done in your life from start to finish. I’m being deada**, you failed everything. So why are we griefing a game in solo queue, at 40 minutes? How isn’t this bannable?”

While Niles offered to call Tyler to discuss the play, it’s fair to say the streamer wasn’t open to the idea in the slightest and continued to hit out with his frustrations.

“Eat sh*t reta*d. Your life has no value. You’re a moron,” he said. “F**k out of my chat. Absolute scum of society you are bro. Zero value to anybody, you know, I know it. Name one thing you’re good at, not League!”

Niles only had a short stint in the LCS, playing under Golden Guardians in the 2021 Season, during which he broke an all-time LCS record for the lowest KDA from a non-support player.

The 24-year-old was demoted to the organization’s academy team in the Summer Split, before returning to collegiate Maryville University. Niles has since helped the collegiate team to become the first scholastic institution to play in the North American Challengers League.

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