Summit1g proves he’s still got it by absolutely dominating Tarkov stream sniper

summit1g-escape-from-tarkov-stream-sniperBattlestate Games / Twitch: Summit1G

Jaryd ‘Summit1g’ Lazar proved that he’s still a beast on first-person shooters after absolutely dominating a stream sniper on Escape from Tarkov and taunting him afterward.

Summit1g has been putting the ‘variety’ in variety streamer lately. After building a crazy $7,500 racing simulator rig, he started dominating on games like iRacing and even challenged F1 driver Lando Norris to a showdown.

However, he went back to an old favorite in Escape from Tarkov in December 2021, and he’s been playing it ever since. At first, he was a little rusty. But on January 4, he showed fans that he’s still got it after dominating a stream sniper.

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Summit1g is one of many popular streamers who have gotten back into Escape From Tarkov.

“This guy is an ass, dude. I know where he is,” said Summit about the pesky player. But when he tried to hunt him down, it became apparent that he knew his every move. However, Summit had a trick up his sleeve.

“How about this?” he said as he changed his camera to stop capturing the game. “I think this guy is stream sniping me.” He healed himself and secured another position off-camera before turning it back on.

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Then, he caught the stream sniper by surprise and gunned him down. “Got caught crossing the street, huh?” he said while holding up his middle finger. “Because you weren’t one hundred percent sure where I went. Suck my f**king nuts.”

Summit poked fun at the player while looting his corpse. “What an asswipe,” he said. “Actually hunting me down from so far away. Like, ‘Oh yeah! I’m going to chase Summit!’ F**king d*ck.”

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Then, he doubled down on his claims that the player was stream sniping. “The first mistake happens when the overlay is up. Real coincidence.”

He’s not the only streamer to encounter these kinds of players online. Others stars like Dr Disrespect and xQc have dealt with their fair share, too.

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