Warzone’s infamous ‘demon gun’ glitch crashes into Halo Infinite

Halo Infinite Demon glitch343 Industries

Warzone’s infamous ‘demon gun’ texture glitch has somehow made its way into Halo Infinite, as players online have been caught off guard by horrifying models in the latest update.

Halo Infinite players have had to deal with their fair share of game-breaking bugs since 343’s latest title went online. We’ve seen everything from campaign saves disappearing to the Xbox Quick Resume feature outright breaking the game.

While most issues have been avoidable, a devastating new glitch has just come into effect. One that Warzone players will be all too familiar with.

The demon gun bug has made its way from the popular Call of Duty battle royale into Halo Infinite. 

Popping up throughout much of 2020 before making a surprise return in the new Warzone Pacific update, the demon gun bug is one of the game’s most prominent issues. Seemingly at random, weapon textures morph into something else entirely, often blocking most of your screen in the process.

Although Halo was safe at first, this freaky glitch is now appearing in multiplayer matches. Entire character models are being covered up by dozens of clashing shapes and colors.

“Ok Halo, what is this?” Twitter user ‘OhDasHHH’ asked as one of the first to spot the bug in action. Their pre-game screen was a mix of two regular Spartans next to two demonic figures from another realm.

Not only did these bugs stick through this entire animation, but they even carried into battle as the match got underway. Enemies appeared in motion as giant, morphing shapes akin to the classic Warzone glitch.

There’s no telling what triggers Infinite’s version of the demon bug just yet. It could be a specific armor set, or it may just be a rare issue only now coming to the surface.

Devs at 343 Industries are yet to respond, but rest assured this is something they’ll want ironed out sooner rather than later.