Halo Infinite putting popular Reach armor behind "paywall" has left players furious - Dexerto

Halo Infinite putting popular Reach armor behind “paywall” has left players furious

Published: 1/Dec/2021 4:04

by Alan Bernal


Halo Infinite players aren’t happy with 343 Industries after finding Reach cosmetic items in the shop during the game’s premiere Battle Pass season dedicated to the beloved spin-off.

Players saw that the Nov 30 iteration of the game’s shop included the ‘Reach Falcon Pilot Pack’ which offers the left and right shoulder pads for Mark V armor core. That core can only be acquired by purchasing the $10 premium battle pass.

Infinite’s live service model started with Season 1: Heroes of Reach that let players unlock cosmetics inspired by the 2010 Halo title.

But people are now realizing they won’t be able to recreate their Halo: Reach character simply by progressing through Infinite’s paid battle pass.


And now my reach shoulders are in the shop. Love that I’ll never get them through gameplay from halo

“My favorite Reach shoulders, and now I can’t get them,” one person said. “I even bought the stupid battle pass but I see that was a mistake now. It has maybe 10% of the Reach armor on it, the rest I guess we’ll have to shell out even more money.”

In the Halo Infinite Beta announcement, 343 said that players would “be able to unlock armor kits for each of the original heroes from Halo: Reach.”

That remains true but people are now comparing Reach cosmetics to a paywall they have to get through to customize their Spartan as they did years before.


We shouldn’t have to pay for Reach Armor that should be in the pass from halo

“The rest of Reach armor is definitely locked behind a paywall,” another person said. “So I have to pay to get 1000 points to spend 700 for a pair of shoulder pads that were included in a previous game and a bunch of emblems I don’t even want? Pass.

“Officially killed all hope of getting my Reach kit to actually look like my Reach Spartan.”

This comes on the heels of Halo Infinite players calling for a boycott of the item shop shortly after seeing prices for add-ons to the Fracture: Tenrai skin, which had a few issues of itself.

343 said they will assess feedback once the team is back from holiday and this will certainly be a point of contention the Halo community wants addressed.