Halo Infinite devs outline changes to Battle Pass progression

James Busby
Master Chief in Halo Infinite
343 Industries

Halo Infinite’s slow Battle Pass progression continues to be a problem in the game’s community, but 343 has now responded to fan feedback. 

Halo Infinite’s Battle Pass has sparked a lot of frustration amongst the game’s community, with many players calling for changes to the way XP is gained. Currently, players can only level up the Battle Pass by completing various in-game challenges and using XP boosts, which in turn, unlock cosmetic rewards and tokens. 

However, unlike other FPS titles, Halo Infinite doesn’t give experience for kills and assists. This makes leveling up the Battle Pass extremely slow, especially if you happen to have some of the game’s most tricky challenges available. 

The Halo community has been very vocal about this decision, with many calling for changes to the way XP and Battle Pass levels are handled. However, 343 has now responded to these complaints. 

Halo Infinite devs respond to Battle Pass progression

halo infinite multiplayer battle pass
343 Industries
Halo’s battle pass has been an issue for players since the early test flights.

Brian Jarrard, Halo Community Director at 343 Industries, first responded to Halo Infinite’s Battle Pass backlash on November 16. Since then, the devs have added “Play 1 Game” Challenges to increase XP gains in Halo Infinite, while a number of the more tedious weekly challenges were tuned or removed entirely.

Despite these changes, Halo Infinite’s Battle Pass continues to spark outrage amongst the playerbase. In fact, the slow progression was recently highlighted in the game’s Fracture: Tenrai event – the game’s Samurai-themed story that enabled players to unlock Yorai armor. Of course, the sluggish nature of the current XP gain only made obtaining these event items even more difficult.

Halo Infinite’s Community Manager, John Junyszek, has now given players an update on the game’s progression system and the way it will be changing. “After seeing how XP was earned with [previous] changes, we noticed that players were starting their sessions with slower payouts than we’d like. To address this, we will be increasing the XP payout for the first 6 matches of each day.”

 An outline of this update can be found below:

  • 1st Game = 300XP
  • 2nd Game = 200XP
  • 3rd Game = 200XP
  • 4th Game = 100XP
  • 5th Game = 100XP
  • 6th Game = 100XP
  • 7th+ Game = 50XP

343 believe that this increase in XP will help address the slower initial payouts, while also benefiting players that play Halo Infinite every day. While these changes may not entirely satisfy the playerbase, John was keen to highlight that more will be on the way. 

“We know many of you want even larger changes and we’re committed to doing so, but those will take time,” he explained. “We made this update based on data and player feedback, and we’ll monitor its impact after we push it live. As always, keep sharing your feedback!”

It’s clear 343 are listening to community feedback and we’ll likely receive further updates to the Halo Infinite’s Battle Pass progression in the weeks to come.