TikToker’s Warzone roast goes viral with big Halo Infinite comparison

Alec Mullins
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Activision / 343 Industries

One viral Tiktok has taken aim at the differences between Halo Infinite and Warzone, after 343 Industries dropped their latest franchise sequel to thunderous applause in November and re-sparked the age-old Halo vs CoD gaming debate.

Halo and Call of Duty are two franchises that seem like they may never escape from each other. From their origins they have been linked as the two premier first-person shooter experiences, with both games building eager fanbases on console as well as PC.

That old rivalry continues to this day, and one TikTok has stoked the flames once again by making some bold claims about what Halo is lacking when it comes to being the best FPS on the market.

Viral TikTok compares Halo Infinite and Warzone

Halo Infinite Controller Mouse and Keyboard Player Accuracy Reddit Aim Assist With Game Logo
343 Industries
Halo Infinite retains the distinct feeling of Halo’s past multiplayer experiences while also adding a bit of its own flair.

Tiktok’s iamrobTV broke down his list of things wrong with Halo Infinite, starting with the lack of overpowered shotguns and game-breaking exploits.

When explaining how this is a bad thing, Rob points out that it makes the game much harder than its closest competitor: “The lack of these has created something called a “skill gap”. So when I go up against players that are better than me, it’s nearly impossible to kill them.”

Rob goes on to point out Halo’s lack of killstreaks with visual clutter, the decision to launch the game with a ranked mode, and a bit of empty space where “wooden sticks that are stronger than every weapon in the game” should be.

Call of Duty Warzone Kali Sticks 2
Activision / Infinity Ward
Warzone now has a slew of melee weapons (like the infamous Kali Sticks) that many consider overpowered.

While his video is clearly sarcastic and critical of Warzone and the Call of Duty franchise as a whole, there are players on both sides of the fence in this debate.

One user took a shot at the generation of older gamers that grew up playing Halo: “Boomers always got to protect their precious Halo because it’s falling out of relevancy.”

Another commenter praised the lack of issues with Infinite: “Y’know a game is good when all you got to complain about is the battle pass and cosmetics.”