Halo Infinite’s “frustrating” Battle Pass challenges are leading to ghost lobbies

Group of Halo Spartans343 Industries

Halo Infinite’s Battle Pass challenges are leading to whole lobbies of players leaving the game, leading to some frustrating matches. 

Halo Infinite’s Battle Pass challenges require players to get kills with certain weapons, vehicles, and play select game modes to reach the next tier. This can be particularly difficult to achieve when only certain maps have the designated equipment needed to complete each challenge. 

To make matters even worse, players can’t choose which modes they wish to play. Instead, the only options available to choose from are Quick Play, Ranked Arena, Big Team Battle, and Bot Bootcamp. These playlists then randomly select modes like Oddball and CTF, which greatly slows down the game’s Battle Pass progression. 

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Unfortunately, this has led to many players leaving games and requeuing in the hopes of playing on the map or game mode they need. 

Halo Infinite ghost lobbies

Halo Infinite Battle Pass challenge screen343 Industries
Halo Infinite’s Battle Pass challenges have had a knock on effect.

Unlike previous Halo titles, Infinite doesn’t allow players to select which game types to queue up for. While this may not be a huge problem for those that enjoy mixing things up with a variety of classic modes, there are times where the Game’s Battle Pass requires Spartans to complete specific challenges.

Not all of these challenges can be completed on every map or mode, so players have started leaving games en masse. While bots have been known to replace any leavers, they often lead to some very one-sided matches, where the team with the most real-world players dominates. 

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One player posted just how detrimental the current Battle Pass XP system is when they uploaded a clip of an entire lobby leaving CTF at the start of the game. As soon as the Spartan loaded into the map, they quickly realized players from both teams had disappeared, leaving only a handful of people on each side. 

“Perhaps making it impossible to choose your game mode and forcing people to play modes to level up was a bad idea,” explained the frustrated player. “I’m enjoying Halo Infinite’s gameplay, but I don’t understand how 343 could s**t themselves so badly over game types and playlists,” responded another frustrated commenter. “I mean come on. Did they not just spend years fixing stuff like this in MCC and Halo 5?”

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343 have already responded to complaints surrounding Halo Infinite’s Battle Pass progression and hacking issues, but fans are keen to see the devs add dedicated playlists to the game in the future.