Halo Infinite players will soon be able to replay campaign missions

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After the controversy surrounding Halo Infinite’s lack of replayable story missions at launch, developer 343 Industries confirmed that players will be able to revisit the game’s set-piece story missions at a later date.

Halo Infinite’s multiplayer received critical acclaim after its early launch on November 15. After letting fans dip their toes into the competitive offering for a few weeks, developer 343 Industries dropped Infinite’s campaign on December 8, which also received plenty of praise.

Despite Master Chief’s triumphant return, Halo Infinite’s suite of content has received plenty of criticism — not for what it offers but rather for what it lacks: the absence of Forge and Co-Op at launch, a move by 343 that has been widely panned by the game’s community.

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In addition to the lack of those franchise staples, it was also confirmed in the days leading up to release that Halo Infinite would not offer repeatable story missions: another Halo staple. Fortunately for disappointed fans, 343 has confirmed that feature is coming, just not right now.

Halo Infinite Master Chief Story Missions Replayability 343i Confirms Coming Future Update343 Industries
Fans will be able to replay Chief’s finest moments — just not at launch.

343 confirms Halo Infinite will get level select

First confirmed by Stevivor, 343 Industries revealed that level select for Halo Infinite’s campaign is on the studio’s radar and will be arriving in the latest Halo installment sometime in the future.

Speaking to Stevivor, 343 Associate Creative Director Paul Crocker shared some insight into why this feature was missing at launch.

“[With Halo Infinite] being a more open game, it became incredibly challenging [to implement level select],” he revealed, before clarifying that “It’s not that it doesn’t work, it’s just not finished.”

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“We made the decision to improve the quality of the game so we could then add features [later],” Crocker explained, sharing some of the studio’s reasoning behind the absence of level select at launch.

The 343 employee also empathized with fans who weren’t pleased by the decision to delay fan-favorite features. “[It’s] disappointing for us as the people who made it,” he confirmed, “But it was the [best] option for us to make a better game and add that later.”

Despite confirming that level select would be added further down the road, Crocker wasn’t ready to nail down an exact release date: “‘It’s coming’ is the only answer we can give [right now].”

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While the absence of replayable story missions certainly stings for many fans, Halo Infinite’s campaign still has plenty to offer. Players can chase down its 12 hidden skulls or Mjolnir armor lockers to help tide them over until level select, Forge, and Co-Op are added to the game.