Halo Infinite skull locations guide: How to find all 12 skulls

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Halo Infinite brings back one of the franchise’s most classic elements, skulls, in the game’s campaign. Here’s a handy guide on how to find all 12 of the game’s hidden skulls.

Halo Infinite released its highly-anticipated campaign on December 8 to the delight of the thousands of players awaiting its debut.

Immediately, the hunt was on for easter eggs and the hidden skulls throughout the campaign which unlock different gameplay modifiers to challenge those hardcore completionists.

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Because levels on the campaign cannot be replayed at this article’s release, make sure you check out this guide so you know the hidden locations of all 12 skulls in Halo Infinite’s campaign.

Halo Infinite skull locations guide

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Halo Infinite’s skulls take you all across the campaign’s open world.

#1: Boom skull

  • Location: Warship Gbrakkon
  • Effect: Doubles explosion radius

Near the beginning of the campaign, on the Warship Gbrakkon, you will be in a long room with several levels and the ability to grapple between floors. Your radar pulse should reveal the skull to your right, easily in range.

#2: Cowbell skull

  • Location: Foundation
  • Effect: Increases explosion acceleration

Once you have The Weapon during the Foundation mission you’ll arrive at a large blue-colored room. Look up, use your radar pulse to locate the skull, and employ your Grappleshot to get to it.

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#3: Catch Skull

  • Location: Open World / North Zeta
  • Effect: Enemies use and drop more grenades

This skull is located in a tree stump in North Zeta near a small lake with some enemies surrounding it.

#4: Fog skull

  • Location: Open World / Southeast of Foundations
  • Effect: Disables motion tracker

This skull is right at the edge of the map in a cave. Be on the lookout for some hexagon-shaped columns, you’ll find the cave in an opening near them.

grappleshot halo infinite343 Industries
You’ll get very used to using your Grappleshot as you locate these 12 skulls.

#5: I Would Have Been Your Daddy (IWHBYD) skull

  • Location: Open World / The Tower
  • Effect: Rare combat dialogues happen more frequently

Located at the top of The Tower, easily accessible with a flying vehicle. This one won’t make the game any harder, just more fun.

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#6: Blind skull

  • Location: Open World / South of The Tower
  • Effect: Disables HUD and doesn’t show weapons

Look for a crack in the earth just south of the previous skull and get ready to use your radar and grapple once again to traverse into the ravine on a ledge.

#7: Thunderstorm skull

  • Location: Open World / Anti-Aircraft Guns
  • Effect: Upgrades most enemies’ rank

You’ll find this near the farthest East anti-aircraft gun atop a tall column. Easiest to get to this one with a flying vehicle or upgraded grapple.

#8: Black Eye skull

  • Location: Open World / South Zeta
  • Effect: Shield recharge only triggers when you melee an enemy

Look for a waterfall right around the southern mountain range on the map. There you’ll find a waterfall with a gap in the middle where the skull sits.

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#9: Famine skull

  • Location: Open World / East Zeta
  • Effect: Weapons dropped by enemies have only half ammo

You’re looking for a dead elite on an island at the far East of the map. That’s where the Famine skull is located.

halo infinite banshee343 Industries
Taking to the skies is often the easiest trick to finding those far-reaching skull locations.

#10: Mythic skull

  • Location: The Command Spire
  • Effect: Enemies have increased health

On the Command Spire mission, you’ll find a room with columns with markings on them. Look up and grapple your way towards a hole in the ceiling until you find a secret door where the skull is hidden. This is one of the tougher ones to locate, so give yourself some time.

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#11: Grunt Birthday Party skull

  • Location: Repository
  • Effect: Killing a grunt with a headshot causes celebrations

In the Repository mission, you’ll need to activate a terminal in a large room and then look to grapple to a door on the right rather than passing a bridge you’re presented with. You’ll need to throw a Power Seed to the door on the other side and then grapple over to it.

Once you get it, you’ll be in a room with gold-plated walls surrounding an entryway. The skull is just above said entryway.

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#12: Bandana skull

  • Location: Silent Auditorium
  • Effect: Grants infinite ammo and grenades, and removes cooldowns

This one’s definitely worth the wait. In the Silent Auditorium mission, you’ll get to a room with some Sentinels that you cannot kill, otherwise, it won’t spawn the skull. Ignore them and head through the two bridges into a long room straight ahead. Grapple up, and grab the final skull in Halo Infinite’s campaign

And there you have it, all the skulls hidden throughout Halo Infinite’s campaign! Make sure to check out these other guides as you play through the game’s multiplayer and solo campaign:

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