Halo Infinite player finds hilarious giant sandwich easter egg

343 Industries has filled Halo Infinite’s open-world with a ton of easter eggs. Some of them are small plush toys, while others are massive sandwiches hidden inside of caves. Yes you read that correctly: sandwiches.

Halo as a franchise has always offered adrenaline-pumping action and heartfelt storylines without taking itself too seriously. It’s loved in the community for being able to pull off a mix of serious and goofy content.

On one hand, Master Chief holds the fate of humanity in his hands. But on the other, he uses a massive hammer to destroy child-sized aliens. However, the best bizarre Halo moments are the ones devs have made slightly harder to find.

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Players refer to these hidden secrets as easter eggs. 343 Industries intentionally designs ludicrous props to hide around the map for players to find, and a massive sandwich is one of Halo Infinite’s most mind-boggling easter eggs yet.

Halo Infinite’s Giant Sandwich easter egg

halo infinite giant sandwich location343 Industries
The map of Zeta Halo shows the location of the cave where the Giant Sandwich is located.

The Giant Sandwich easter egg was posted to Twitter by user Infinite Forges. They are known for crafting highly detailed Forge maps but have been posting Halo Infinite easter eggs since the campaign’s release.

This easter egg is a bit harder to find than the plush dolls or rock formations. Instead of being placed in the overworld, the Giant Sandwich is found in a cavity in the ceilings of one of the game’s various cave systems.

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A small hole in the roof of the cave leads up to a room where the Giant Sandwich sets on a rock pedestal. It is surrounded by Grunts frozen in time that are seemingly worshipping the giant meal.

The sandwich itself isn’t affected by bullets or explosives, and players can grapple and stand on the bread. There’s no telling how long the sandwich has been in these caves, or how it even came to be — but it still looks decently edible.

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Despite the mysterious nature of the sandwich, players are pretty happy it’s in the game. Some users commented on the video “Halo is fun again” and “All hail the sandwich god”.

Now, 343 Industries just needs to add a way to eat it.

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