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Halo Infinite players furious as opponents quitting early throws off challenge progress

Published: 4/Dec/2021 21:52

by Julian Young


The progression systems in Halo Infinite continue to face harsh criticism from fans, some of which are now slamming the title for robbing them of challenge progress when players on the other team quit a match early.

Halo Infinite has been hailed by many as the franchise’s long-awaited return to form, but the latest Halo installment has also been hit with plenty of backlash over the game’s battle pass, limited-time events, and progression system.

While the critiques continue to roll in, developer 343 Industries has already pushed out updates to tackle some community concerns and have also expressed their intent to continue tweaking these controversial mechanics moving forward.


Despite their efforts to address player feedback, 343 and Infinite have come under fire from fans over the title’s challenges yet again, with some players slamming the game for invalidating their hard-earned progression when enemy players quit out of matches.

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343 Industries
Halo Infinite’s progression systems have been a hot-button topic since release.

Halo Infinite players furious over lost challenge progress

Word of the issue began to spread after one player shared their concerns on the Halo Infinite subreddit. “Don’t bother playing Quick Play or Big Team Battle if there are bots on the enemy team,” they warned.

“Challenges don’t count if enemy team members leave the match [early],” they explained, before slamming the system for taking away the progress they had made on some challenges: “That’s some grade-A s**t design.”


Don’t bother playing regular QP/BTB if there are bots in the enemy team … because the challenges don’t count if the enemy team members leave the match. I just got gravity hammer kills as well as regular melee kills from the back. Didn’t count … that’s some grade A shit design …. from halo

Other fans were quick to express their own criticisms in the replies. “This totally explains why my challenges randomly weren’t counting,” one player responded, before continuing “F**k these f**king challenges. I’m done.”

Players were also dumbfounded over what was actually stopping the challenges from progressing. “If what I’m seeing is correct, a bot being added just completely disables PVP progression?” one fan asked.

“I think [challenges] only track if [the relevant] player is still in the game when it finishes,” another response read, “So if you kill a player with ‘x’ weapon and they leave, it won’t count [towards that challenge].”


“So, this’ll just make people quit more?” a third player chimed in. “I already heard about people leaving matches because it wasn’t the mode they wanted, or the map didn’t have the weapon they needed, so looks like this is just another reason [to quit early].”

It remains to be seen what the true cause of the issue is, but for now this appears to be throwing another wrench into Halo Infinite’s already contentious progression system.