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Halo Infinite players call for fixes to “horrendous” melee hit registration

Published: 2/Dec/2021 13:57

by James Busby


Halo Infinite’s melee is proving to be a bit hit or miss, with many players reporting issues with the move’s hit registration. 

Halo Infinite’s melee can get you out of a tight spot, especially if you find yourself needing to reload or just wish to finish off a low-health enemy. Melee hits can also instantly kill an enemy Spartan if you manage to deliver a sneaky blow from behind, which makes this simple move extremely effective. 

Unfortunately, the game’s melee doesn’t always function the way it should, with many players reporting various hit registration issues. This can obviously lead to some rather frustrating encounters, particularly when you’re killstreak comes to an abrupt end or an easy kill evades you. 


Halo Infinite players call for melee adjustments

Master Chief using the Gravity Hammer
343 Industries
Halo Infinite’s melee hit registration continues to be a problem for many players.

Like previous Halo titles, Infinite features a plethora of ways to eliminate your enemies. From deadly sniper rifles to futuristic laser cannons, Infinite’s arsenal is absolutely brimming with killer content. However, there are times where even the game’s best weapons can leave you high and dry. 

Whether you’ve run out of ammo or find yourself needing a close-quarters option, Halo has always given its Spartans a snappy melee option. Melee hits instantly destroy shields, which can make short work of even the best players. Unfortunately, Infinite’s melee hits don’t always seem to register. 

That classic feeling of getting the Overshield… ruined by Infinite’s melee system from halo

“Melee is far too inconsistent on lunges and I feel like I’m always on the receiving end of someone lunging as if they have an Energy Sword,” explained one player. “The no collision is what does me in the most.” 


There have even been clips of players phasing through enemies and delivering assassinations, which leads to some rather strange fights. “I melee, clip through the enemy, and lose track of them, and that usually results in death,” replied another commenter. “It feels like I’ve been cheated a kill.”

Many Halo Infinite fans are hoping 343 can fix the game’s melee hit registration before the official release, but for now, don’t be surprised if you inadvertently pull your punches.