All Halo Infinite fans want for Christmas is to open some leg pouches

Connor Knudsen
343 Industries

Halo Infinite fans want one thing for Christmas, and it’s not a new multiplayer playlist. They just want to know how to open some leg pouches.

Halo Infinite’s Battle Pass and store prices have been a thing of controversy since the game’s release, with players nitpicking the game’s cosmetics.

But, perhaps no piece of gear nor a lack of any multiplayer playlist has sparked as much debate as… leg pouches?

Yes, fans have taken up their pitchforks on Reddit and are demanding answers on the mysterious pockets and their inner workings. Will they ever get answers?

Leg pouches send Halo Infinite community into chaos

Halo Infinite Spartan wearing the cat ears helmet
343 Industries
These leg pouches aren’t the only piece of armor to spark some controversy.

As silly as all this may sound, it’s true. Fans really are torn on how a useless piece of cosmetic armor works in Halo Infinite, to the point where thousands are chiming in.

It all started on December 22 on the Halo subreddit, with an initial post highlighting some leg pouches that didn’t make sense to the OP.

A simple question, “How is one supposed to access the lower two pouches?” sparked a debate that we don’t think anyone saw coming.

The 23,000 upvotes, over 1,000 comments, and response post all go to show just how much of a hot topic these pouches have become.

The question, however, does make sense. How do you open those pockets with the above ones blocking the flap from opening upwards?

While many were left scratching their heads, one genius took to the drawing board to craft up a possible solution – opening outward.

This post blew up all its own, with hundreds chiming in on the player’s theory. But, silliness aside, it doesn’t seem like the community minds too much.

“Man, this cosmetic is going to cause a week-long debate. Not that I’m complaining,” wrote the top commenter on the post.

For Halo Infinite fans, such a trivial piece of drama may not be such a bad thing. There could certainly be more concerning things wrong with the 343 shooter, after all.

With new multiplayer playlists and a campaign that people are still exploring, there’s plenty still to love about the game, even if these pockets make little to no sense.